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KHOODEELAAR the BRICK LANE LONDON E1 COMMUNITY campaign against the Crossrail ho

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On Tuesday of this coming week, 17 January 2006, a UK House of Commons committee is due to start formally looking at the Crossrail hole Bill in view of the petitions that have been submitted mainly by objectors to the Bill. There is no room in that process for the truth of the real political machinations and betrayals during the past three years by the ‘elected’ politicians for the area affected in London


KHOODEELAAR the BRICK LANE LONDON E1 COMMUNITY campaign against the Crossrail hole Bill is now set to draw public attention to the unnecessary attack via the Crossrail hole scheme on a widely-noted most deprioved part of the East End. The publication programme is coinciding with the scheduled start of the formal ‘scrutiny’ of the House of Commons Crossrail Bill by the formally appointed ‘select committee’ beginning next week.

The MPs committee is only going to look at the formally submitted petitions those petitions are in accordance with the overly bureaucratic and jargonised procedure of the House of Commons. There is no room in that process for the truth of the real political machinations and betrayals that have caused the problem of the Crossrail hole to be resisted by the local community in the East End.

For the past 24 months, that defence of the community ahs been carried out by the KHOODEELAAR BRICK LANE LONDON E1 community campaign against the Crossrail hole plan, scheme, project and Bill.
The facts and the evidence of that campaign are essential for a proper and genuine and factual understanding of what the Crossrail hole Bill is about and why it must be scrapped.

Campaign schedule as at 0930 Hrs London Sunday 15 January 2006
1. Publication of the KHOODEELAAR BRICK LANE LONDON E1 COMMUNITY documentary evidence of the role of the former Bethnal Green ands Bow MP Oona King – analysing her promotion of the Crossrail scheme and based on the speech she made in which she stated that the local community would come round to accepting the Crossrail assault on the community if only the Crossrail promoters explained the alleged advantages more!
2. Publication of the latest evidence of the collusion with Crossrail hole scheme promoters by the controlling elements on Tower Hamlets Council which INVITED the Crossrail destruction attacks to the East End under the multiple duplicity of ‘regeneration’.
3. Publication of the KHOODEELAAR demands to the formal Tower Hamlets council for the Council to oppose the Crossrail hole attacks on both the Brick Lane London e1 area as well as on other parts of the East London Borough of Tower Hamlets. The KHODOEELAAR demands date back to January 2004.
4. Publication of the KHIOODEELAAR demands to Gordon Brown [February 2004] and to Tony Blair [March 2004] and to Alistair Darling [May 2004]
5. Publication of the KHOODEELAAR investigation into the overdozing on poverty and deprivation by the controlling corrupt cliques on the Tower Hamlets council who have WANTERD to maintain poverty to remain a factor in the East End as part of the ‘central UK GIOVT. Funding programme as affecting the Borough. The glaring lies that the same cliques have been perpetrating over the past week alleging that they even know what the needs of the community are let alone have any willingness to recognise the community far less show true and democratic respect top the people who actually own the Council but who have been disenfranchised by the corrupt clique that has been in de facto control of the Tower Hamlets Council’s agenda.
6. Publication of the evidence of how Crossrail hole plan would destroy the future of the youths and prematurely blight all community efforts and stability in the East End.


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campaign against Crossrail hole Bill has new support

15.01.2006 10:35

New voices against the Crossrail hole Bill have been added to the Khoodeelaar campaign against the Crossrail hole Bill. This was shown at a meeting held in the Brick Lane London E1 Area on Saturday 14 January 2006.

Campaign activist Kay Jordan said that the realisation has dawned on more people of the utter destruction that the Crossrail hole Bill will cause to the area.

Hanbury Street shop owner Turan Miah said that more and more people are now talking about the Crossrail hole attack.

Others speaking at the meeting said that for the past few years they have
been misled pwer Hamlets Council. 'Now we have seen the extent of their lies to the community. We are ready to fight the Crossrail hole Bill attacks on our community' said the manager of a cafe in the Hanbury Street at the meeting.

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