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small WORLD interview with Albino

small WORLD Podcast | 10.01.2006 18:43 | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism | Culture | London

Interview with Nathan Endsley of Albino.


The political message of Afrobeat can be described as confrontational and controversial.

Interview with Nathan Endsley of Albino. We discuss the story behind their song "Jin Gbongwa"; playing four hours straight at the Femi Kuti after party; the origins of Albino; co-founders Bruce Buchanan and Mark Edwards, Antibalas; The Daktaris' Soul Explosion album; Antibalas; Wazobia; Garage Mahal; Succession; Albino's first show; band members Michael Bello, Jonathan Hoops, Charlie Wilson, Ashley Devonne, Gavin Hoops, Michael Pinkham, Kevin Blair, Bob Crawford, Cal Reichenbach, Jacob Groopman and Kim Agnew; the influences of Sun Ra; The Mutaytor; Michael Franti's Spearhead; touring in the kind of tour bus that appears in the movie Almost Famous; the story behind "Are We Safe Yet?"; singing songs in the shower; the Patriot Act; Karl Rove; Condoleezza Rice; sidestepping civil liberties; the politcal message behind Albino and Afrobeat; Fela Kuti standing up to the Nigerian government; why Afrobeat is relevant today; Tony Allen; why he thinks Afrobeat has had a ressurgence of popularity; upcoming Albino performances; winning the 2005 SF Music Awards as best world music band.

Featured songs are "Jin Gbongwa", "Are We Safe Yet?" and "Teach A Man To Fish".

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