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excellent news from the Genoa G8 Diaz Trial

Nessuno | 08.01.2006 02:01 | Genoa | Indymedia | Repression | London | World

In a surprise move, the christian democrats in december passed a modification to the "save previti law" which stated that all trials in progress are exempt.

This means that the Diaz and Bolzaneto trials currently underway are now not effected by the "save Previti Law". Both trial have now had their statute of limitations restored to 15 years.

Mark Covell, one of the most seriously injuried and a indymedia UK NUJ journalist said, "I am very happy and over the moon. I am sure the rest of the Diaz victims are as well. Both trials will finish and we will get justice by seeing these high ranking police go to jail for their crimes." He also said after arriving in Genoa, "Some of the british witnesses and myself are testifying this month and the Undercurrents footage of the opening moments of the raid is being submitted and played to a public court on January 11th. This is a big day for all of us."

In seperate developments a strike by lawyers, magistrates and judges against the "Save Previti Law" may occur on the 17, 18, 19 th of January. It increasingly looks obvious that Berlusconi stands isolated and alone in wanting this law to pass to save his lawyer. Gianfranco Fini has choosed to oppose the previti law because its rejection by parliament would see Berlusconi knocked out the Italian General Election due on April 9th.

The Diaz and Bolzaneto trials, whilst not finishing until the end of 2006 at the earliest, will be an election issue. Observers have noted that Gianfranco Fini and Berlusconi cannot have credible policies on crime, anti-terrorism, law and order because of the high number (75) on trial. Both trials continue to attract high international media interest and this will intensify towards the election due to more revelations coming out over the next few weeks. The pressure will also grow on Justice Minister Castelli to resign over allegations he was responsible for the conditions set at Bolzaneto after the Diaz raid. Also calls for a parliamentary inquiry in the politicians role in the Diaz massacre and subsequent torture following the G8 summit of July 2001, will intensify. Romano Prodi and Bertinotti have already included the inquiry in their manifesto's

more news to follow...




10.01.2006 14:21

The statute of limitations in both the Bolzaneto and the Diaz trial was *not* restored to 15 years. The restoration only concerns one specific offence which in the Bolzaneto trial doesn't play a significant role. For everything else in the Bolzaneto case the limitation is 7.5 yrs. *If at all* the case is only going to be completed once and there will be no appeals. This means that there will be no consequences for the offenders for reasons i can't explain but the lawyers say so. Maybe it will be possible for the victims of Bolzaneto to get compensation via civil law cases that have to be started after the criminal law case, individually by each person. The diaz case has advanced more and so it might be possible to get convictions, but also this is something we don't know yet.

It is necessary to have two appeal results (? - one conviction, and two completed cases at appeal courts) to get actual convictions in the criminal law case. I hope this makes sense - my capability to translate Italian legal issues from German to English are limited ;).

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Good news indeed

08.01.2006 12:30

That is good news as it really looked like that corrupt law would prevent anyone being held responsible under italian law for the brutal raid and abuse of prisoners. Good luck out there in the fight for justice.


The Diaz massacre?

10.01.2006 09:31

A massacre? Oh please. Of course it was bad, but why do so many of these reports say massacre? Way to make yourselves look like a bunch of nutters...



10.01.2006 19:46

the phrasing massacre occurs in repeated details because the people using it do not have english language as their first language.

also it was one of the phrases used immediatly after the raid with someone saying 'it was like a massacre in there'.

to be fair it's only by bloody good luck that at least three people didn't die from their injuries (they were pretty damn close) and more besides.