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Cheap recycled Computer sale

zcat | 05.01.2006 20:41 | Free Spaces | Technology | London

Old friends of uk and London Indymedia, Brixton based Community Technology the computer recycling local charity is having to downsize so is having to get rid of all or nearly all their processed and tested stock. I received this mail a few days ago and thought that this may well be usefull to activists, social centers and anyone who needs a cheap computer.

Comm-Tec has donated time, energy and equipment to many imc projects over the years including the ESF and G8 convergence centers. Its very sad to see this project having to downsize so much and if you know of people who do need machines please pass this on
They are at
Units 1 & 2 Angela Davis Industrial Estate
Somerleyton Road

The mail I received is below -

I regret to announce that Comm-tech is winding down their computer recycling operations, we just cant afford to support it any longer. This closure (and Lambeth land sell-off) means we are also moving into a much smaller premises, hopefully still in this area. Upshot is that we have to sell almost all our processed and tested stock.

Please pass this on to any organisations who may have a need. The Counter is open from 3pm - 6pm daily until end of January. Find us here:

Some wholesale buyers who do export are coming in on 20th January to take what we have left, but I would prefer to re-use the equipment locally and for cause. Its all had a lot of work put into it, would be a pity to waste that on furthering global capitalism.

This is some of what we have:
P3 computers (no operating system) - 35UKP - 80UKP
(these range from 500-800Mhz, 128MB-256MB RAM, 8GB-20GB HDD, 100Mbs NIC)
Imacs 20UKP-80UKP
Keyboards ;) 20 pence
Small and Large Monitors 5-25UKP
HP Laserjet 4 Printers - from 50UKP
PCI Graphics cards, sound cards, network cards, 5UKP
Cables and Stuff.
Occasional Servers, dual processor machines, A3 printers, come and see.

Organisations with references can get a degree of credit.

Peace, Thanks for reading.


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