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Stop Institutional Violence

FX | 05.01.2006 08:58 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Repression | World

Institutional Violence In Review

2005 in Review and the history of Institutional Violence

8 March 2005, We have known for years that solitary confinement is used in detention centres. The government has always been cagey about it, preferring to call it 'separation detention'. Now we have a clear, public admission of systematic conduct by the department which not only breaches international conventions, but which the department knows is illegal.

(Julian Burnside QC)

The Heart of the Ocean, Mythos N'Dj Cosmo.

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Class Solutions Presents: War Cam

2005 in Review5

CCTV for illegal and degrading war!

Dee Rex and Soilent Green

Rave Mission

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2005 in Review4

Your Rights

I would think that people would agree with the proposition that your civil liberty not to have your bag searched is outweighed by my right not to be blown up.

The same goes for you, your pockets, house, car, phone and just about anything you own!

Rollo & Bliss, bring my family back.

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2005 in Review3

Australian Fascism

Peace Activist Scott Parkin deported!

St Germain and How do you plead?

Madness, madness.

I want to be with you, without a doubt!

I want to be with you, want to tell you that!

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2005 in Review2

Revolution 30A

Revolution inc and Corporate Greed

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2005 in Review

No More War! & Repeal Draconian Laws!
Rave Mission and Gimme a Sign

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The Smoking Bums!

It's wrong but I want it to be right!

Krude Going Under

I'm going under, going under, and I can't turn round!