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The Root of Poverty is, Literally, Belief in Pride

DAJ | 05.01.2006 03:39 | Globalisation | Repression


The Root of Poverty is, Literally, Belief in Pride


If I tell you you're God do you stop reading? So afraid of 'crackpots' that your defences allow for certain ignorances? How about if I tell you that there is no such thing as a 'common Joe' and that, in fact, you are the soul-of-life/eyes-and-mind-of-God? What if I tell you that, however absurdly movie-like it sounds, every motion, from dust speck to thought, has been, is, and always will be completely fated, will you consider that having pride in anything is the greatest absurdity because everyone is merely the product of 'all motion' and could never be a creator of it? Will you even look at the 'now' and wonder how you got here?

Will you consider that you don't have to be afraid anymore? That nothing can stop you from being as good as you can be?

As a friend I suggest patience. There is no escaping our sibling nature, so may politics be innocent and genuine. May your defences not be aghast at my lack of convention.

As a brother I suggest patience because all people will find sanity demands adherence to the truth. May we enjoy that there is a singular truth where we can all meet. May we enjoy that 'a patient will is master of all communication' is not just a ninja maxim.

Funny how a part of you may want to think of how much this didn't make sense, yet wonders why it likes the author regardless.

in love,

David Arthur Johnston

Victoria, BC, Canada

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