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Mi6 Cover up - Torture in Greece

Dan Brent | 28.12.2005 10:26

The Blair again demonstrated again yeasterday that it is not only morally corrupt, but also amazingly crass and transparent in its attempts to cover for itself.
The current case of the British governments involvement in torture in Greece is very illustrative.

The name of Mr Langman pops up all over the shop. He is listed in Richard Tomlinson’s “list of spies” as Mr Nicholas John Andrew LANGMAN and discussed by him separately in some detail (admittedly in connection to the highly dubious Diana ‘conspiracy’. To add a touch of credibility he also appears on the official HM DIPLOMATIC SERVICE OVERSEAS REFERENCE LIST on the FCO website as “Counsellor: Mr Nicholas Langman” in the British Embassy Athens.

Full text of the article appears on IndyMedia Greece

Dan Brent


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