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Direct action against deportations in Glasgow

no borders glasgow | 15.12.2005 13:20 | Migration | World

For two days running, no Immigration Service snatch squads have been able to leave the Scottish Enforcement Unit at Brand Street in Glasgow to carry out their dawn raids on people facing deportation.

Today, the gates of the Scottish Enforcement Unit of the UK Immigration Service at Brand Street, Glasgow were blockaded again from 5am til after dawn, in a repeat action which apparently caught police and security by surprise, allowing a massive chain to be attached to the gates.

Immigration snatch squads were prevented from leaving the centre to carry out their dawn raids which have been terrorising Glasgow communities.

These blockades are part of an escalating campaign of protest and direct action to resist migration controls and defend our communities.

For background info and report on yesterday's blockade:

If you live in the area and want to get involved in ddirect action and practical solidarity with refugees and migrants, there are many ways you can help. Not all of them involve confrontation or chains and padlocks. Some, though not all, involve early starts.
To find out more, send an email to No Borders Glasgow at: noborders-glasgow (at)

The next mass protest at Brand Street takes place this Saturday (17th December) at 10am, complementing the weekly vigil there. The venue is easily reached by the Underground (Cessnock) or any bus via Paisley Road West.

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