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Leeds stops evictions of Iraqi Kurds - more cities must follow

Fabian | 08.12.2005 12:43 | Anti-racism | Migration | Social Struggles | Birmingham | Sheffield

Over 400 Iraqi Kurds have been made destitute over the last three month in Britain because they refused to accept "volontary return" into the war zone of Iraq. Hunger, Homelessness and possibile employment in the informal labour market at wages around 1 Pound are the results of a Home Office Policy that increasingly evokes resistance in local communities all over Britain.

Leeds city council alongside local MPs reached an agreement with Immigration Minister Tony Mc Nulty to stop the implementation of Sektion 4 in Leeds City. From last week no more Kurds are evicted from their houses and they will continue to receive emergency benefits after Sektion 4 even if they do not sign into the volontary return program provided by the International Organisation of Migration.
More councils should go ahead and demand from the home office to stop their blackmailing of people who came to Britain to search refuge from war and lawlessness in Iraq.
In Sheffield the campaign against Detention and Deportation of Iraqis (CADDI) is asking the city council to stand with its opposition to the Iraq war and make the Governement stop forcing members of the local community back into a self-created war zone.
On the 17. Dezember CADDI is calling for a demo and action in front of the city hall in Sheffield.
When evictions after Sektion 4 can be stopped in Leeds they can't keep on going in the rest of the UK.



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One rule for Leeds ?

08.12.2005 15:02

Well done for that limited success - it certainly gives the lie to McNultys rebuttal of the Scottish Executives request for more humane treatment and can be used by Scottish activists to press the issue again.

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