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Freedom to Protest - Call to Action - 10th Dec - International Human Rights Day

dmish | 07.12.2005 10:57 | Anti-militarism | South Coast

Campaigners against EDO MBM (Smash EDO), a Brighton factory manufacturing electrical weapons components for conflicts in Iraq and Palestine, have been fighting for their right to protest as EDO MBM, backed by Sussex Police, have applied for an injunction under the Protection from Harassment Act.

Smash EDO call on everyone who cares about freedom to protest to join them on Dec 10th, 12 noon, Churchill Square, Brighton.

Churchill Square, Brighton
Churchill Square, Brighton

Police Threaten to Crush Anti EDO Mass Demo

Sussex police have threatened to arrest demonstrators planning to March through Brighton on Dec 10th to protest against EDO MBM, a factory manufacturing electrical components for arms in Mouslecoomb.

The march on 10th December starts in Churchill Square, Brighton, at 12 noon. It comes six months after EDO MBM applied for an injunction to limit protests outside their factory.

Under the terms of a high court interim injunction brought under the Protection from Harassment Act (PHA) 1997 protesters may not step in the road opposite the factory or take photographs of employees (including security guards). The injunction has lead to the criminalisation of many protesters including two who have been remanded in HMP Lewes.

Several protesters are currently defending themselves in the High Court against allegations that their protests have harassed employees, they argue that the injunction jeopardises their right to protest.

The planned march could be the biggest yet in the 18 month old campaign and will come soon after the high court decides whether or not to extend the injunction.

Sussex Police have threatened to arrest protesters unless the route of the march is preorganised. At the last March, in August 2005, several protesters were arrested after the Police imposed conditions on the demonstration under Section 12 of the Public Order Act.

This police action was part of a wider tactic of coming down heavily on unplanned public demonstrations. A march protesting at the destruction of Titnore Woods, Worthing was dealt with in the same way and police issued threats to London's critical mass last month.

This is an example of the police pushing the boundaries of their existing powers. New laws state that unplanned demonstrations are illegal in Parliament Square, police are trying to extend this to the rest of the country.

London's critical mass went ahead despite threats because of the huge solidarity response of activists who did not want to see it crushed see. Similarly, Smash EDO are calling for activists who want to protect the right to protest to join the march on December 10th.

This time we will march.



Transport from London

07.12.2005 11:47

Groups and individuals are travelling down from London to show collective solidarity with those in Brighton. We will be assembling at 9.45am at Victoria Station, in the Weatherspoons pub above the WHSmith. Train tickets are only £8.40 return. It's gonna be fun!


Another video of the march

18.12.2005 18:13

Another video showing the total overpolicing of the Smash EDO march.