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Women Reclaim The Night

IMC-UK | 02.12.2005 11:26 | Gender | London

On Friday 25th November up to 600 women took to the streets of London to "Reclaim the Night" - as they marched from Soho Square to a rally at the University of London Union (see pics).

Reclaim The Night (also known as 'Take Back the Night') began in Northern England during the 1970s to protest against the fear that women felt walking in the streets at night. The action was held on 25th November, The United Nations International Day To End Violence Against Women, and was part of 16 days of activism against gender violence. The London Feminist Network was demanding a number of measures including culturally-specific counselling for women who have experienced sexual violence and for an audit of London transport safety.

An Amnesty International UK report recently revealed shockingly low knowledge about the scale of sexual violence against women in this country and worrying attitudes towards such crime. Every year there are thought to be up to 50,000 rapes in the UK. Currently only 5.6% of rapes reported to the police result in conviction.



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