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World AIDS Day 'Orphans'?

Cal Crilly | 01.12.2005 02:40 | Health

A reminder of the thousands of children involved in AIDS drug experimentation who are still being treated like lab rats.

World AIDS Day again.
21 years on HIV has not been isolated to pass Koch’s Postulates, there are no scientific measures to prevent the HIV test from picking up normal retroviruses that occur in our bodies and the AIDS drugs still kill the patients using them.
The saddest aspect of this suppressed history is the appalling abuse of children by the medical authorities and nothing has changed despite the ‘Orphans on Trial’ story reaching the BBC.

Abandoned kids are force-fed experimental AIDS drugs at a Catholic children's home in Washington Heights.
ORPHANS ON TRIAL New York Press, July, 2004
New York's HIV experiment

This is the 2005 batch of AIDS ‘orphans’, some of these children will be taken from their parents.
“Expected Total Enrollment: 4150
The potential long-term benefits, toxicities, and other adverse outcomes of new anti-HIV therapies cannot be assessed within the time frame of most clinical trials. There is a need to better assess both positive and negative late outcomes and late treatment effects in growing children. This prospective, longitudinal study will evaluate the effects and their impact on children.”
“Incarnation Children's Ctr / Columbia Presbyterian Med Ctr, New York, New York, 10032, United States; No longer recruiting”
(Incarnation was the orphanage where this ugly story came out of.)
Long-Term Effects of HIV Exposure and Infection in Children
This study is currently recruiting patients.
Verified by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) April 2005
The true scale of this horror is in the figures.
“To date, the PACTG has initiated 113 clinical trials and, as of December 2001, has enrolled approximately 27,432 women and children.”
New Awards, Expanded Focus for Pediatric AIDS Clinical Trials Group

Keep your eyes on this, it is not going away.

Nevirapine Flesh-eater Halted SA Aids Trials
“Weeks before President Bush announced a plan to protect African babies from AIDS, top U.S. health officials were warned that research on the key drug was flawed and may have underreported thousands of severe reactions, including deaths, government documents show.”
Research Flawed on Key AIDS Medicine
Bush Had Planned Its Use in Africa
“An Asian study details the birth defects-extra fingers, misplaced ears, misshapen faces, abnormal pigmentation, neurological problems, heart defects, and more-found in babies born to pregnant women who take AZT.”
“I first learned in 1992 that babies born to women given AZT while pregnant had various types of deformities.”
Nightmare on AZT Street
Read the scoop story told to Adv. Brink by the scientist who first synthesized AZT in 1961 – as an experimental cell-poison to kill human cells.
An Eyewitness Account of Gross Irregularities and Medical Incompetence in the Early Clinical Trials of AZT

Cal Crilly
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Denial = Death

01.12.2005 11:51

As a person living with HIV who has been on anti-retroviral medicines, seeing articles like this, which distort the facts and misrepresent the situation on the Indymedia newswire, is a very upsetting start to world AIDS day.

I have had friends and known other people, who have refused to take HIV medicines, either because they placed their hopes in 'alternative' therapies and refused to believe the scientific evidence, or in two cases, because they got religion and their pastor told them that GOD would cure them and to take medicines would show a lack of fate. I have seen these friends die and been to their funerals.

I know other people who were hopitalised with AIDS defining illnesses and then were brought back from the brink and who are now living healthy and productive lives.

Using children for experimental drug trials without informed consent, as reported in the article above, is quite simply wrong and immoral.

But to say that HIV does exist or that medicines used to treat it are some kind of con, or even that it is the drugs and not the virus that is killing people, is a very dangerous distortion of the truth. The drug therapies are not perfect, but they have advanced a lot since the days of AZT, which admittedly wasn't very good, but was all that was available in the late 1980s.

I think I can understand why people want to deny HIV/AIDS exists. I know I really didn't want to believe it when I was first given my diagnosis, but it's something you got to learn to live with. And denying the reality is dangerous because it can lead to premature and preventable deaths.

I would ask the AIDS disidents, as they style themselves, if the medicines don't work and HIV is a myth, why is it that the countries where there is freely available access to medicines have the lowest death rates from AIDS related illnesses?

The real scandal is that so many people world wide are being denied acces to life saving medicines though a combination of poverty and the greed of Western drug companies that jealously guard patenting rights on drug manufacture, along with the WTO which enforces them.

For up to date, sound information on HIV, its treatment and the various theories about it (including those of the HIV disidents) Please see the Wikipedia article :

Living With It