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Climate Activists Disrupt International Aviation Conference

Plane Stupid | 29.11.2005 11:56 | Ecology

29th November - A team of radical environmental activists have this morning disrupted the world's largest aviation industry conference (1) to highlight that aviation is the fastest growing cause of climate change, ahead of a UN Climate Conference in Montreal later this week.

Earth First! protestors stormed their way through security into the conference, armed with rape alarms attached to helium balloons which they released into the high ceiling conference suite, timed to coincide with a key note speech by a senior executive from British Airways.

Ironically, each of the six alarms causes 130 decibels of noise - the equivalent of a jumbo jet taking off. Two activists were forcibly removed whilst another has been locked into a room awaiting the arrival of the police.

One of the activists, Richard George, explained, "Aviation is the fastest growing cause of climate change, so we decided to bring the high-flying aviation executives back down to ground. Just as Earth First! disrupted the government's road building programme in the '90s, and stopped the commercialisation of GM crops, we're just as determined to stop airport expansion using direct action."

Another activists, Joss Garman, added, "We're raising the alarm and saying the climate crisis is out of control and aviation expansion just can't go on."

Later today at 6pm, local airport residents from groups including HACAN Clearskies and Airport Watch will join with environmentalists who will gather on Towerbridge to greet the conference delegates with a protest, as they arrive to wine and dine on the bridge's scenic walkways. Some activists
have hired a boat to send the bosses a warning from the water, whilst others are expected in fancy dress for a tango on Towerbridge.

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(1) The Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA) is hosting the three-day aviation conference at the Waldorf Hilton Hotel in Aldwych from 28th - 30th. Amongst those expected to attend are Rod Eddington of British Airways and Michael O'Leary of Ryan Air - both public enemies of the green lobby.

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