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Shelter-Housing debate- Do we need new homes? Why is Shelter wanting new homes?

excerpt from an article elsewhere | 28.11.2005 15:16 | Ecology | Education | Social Struggles | London | South Coast

Do we need new homes being built when so many are standing empty... not taking into account environmental issues and the "Developers" possible alterior motives for the plight of those homeless?

Sheltering corporate greed?
"ALTHOUGH residents are trying to oppose new house building at every turn, Shelter is calling on the government to build even more homes," reported the Worthing Guardian on September 9.
It reported that the charity wants the government to "urgently commit to building an extra 12,000 new social rented homes at an additional cost of £224 million a year."
Of course, it can only be a coincidence that, according to its own website, Shelter’s "corporate support" involves partnerships with the likes of Grainger Trust Plc "the UK’s largest residential property investor" and big developer Crest Nicholson, which declares: "
Just as Shelter is committed to helping people in need find somewhere they can call home, Crest Nicholson is committed to building homes for all."


excerpt from an article elsewhere


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waste not want not

28.11.2005 20:18

Why build 12,000 new homes at a cost of £224 million a year from taxpayers money when there are already a staggering 700,000 empty houses going to waste? Another example of over-production and over-consumption of resources purely for the sake of making money without considering the wider implications of what they are doing. Instead they should be providing jobs recycling these existing properties and making them more sustainable, preferably using the abundance of recyclable materials destined for landfill or incineration thereby further fucking up the environment. Pretty obvious really.Unless you're only looking at your bank statements.