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Smash Your TV

Oscar Beard | 27.11.2005 13:37 | Culture | Repression | World

In the run up to Christmas Smash Your TV urge you to get rid of television sets and enjoy your life.

Next year the UK TV license is expected to increase to somewhere between £180 and £200 per year.

News channels have become useless as a source of information. Even cable and satelite 24-hour news stations are no longer worth watching - they run the same news items every fifteen minutes over and over again.

That is not 24-hour news. It is reminicent of brainwashing tactics employed at Gulags in the Communist era Soviet Union and now seen in Guantanamo Bay and the other 100+ secret prisons used by the US in its global war on terror.

The Russian Gulags played recordings 24-hours a day, stating: "Christianity is bad, Communism is good".

The US just played Bruce Springsteen endlessly to caged prisoners, enough to send anyone mad.

So, what are you left with?

Strictly Ballroom Dancing, Big Brother, I'm a Celebrity - let me eat insects. Soaps, entertainment, programs urging you to buy things you don't need, to improve your happiness in life with house re-decoration and buying and selling property.

If that's not enough of a reason to get rid of that TV, just think Jeremy Clarkson, take an axe and Smash Your TV.

Save yourself £200, and enjoy the time when the TV license snoops start chasing you up, because in this society the idea that someone does not want a television is considered insane.

Send your own videos of television destruction to the email below.

Oscar Beard
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