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Vodafone demo in Worcester

F__k_Em_All | 27.11.2005 02:37 | Animal Liberation

As part of the SPEAK day of action against Oxford University funders Vodafone, three activists set up camp outside the vodafone store in Worcester for most of the afternoon.

Activists protest outside an empty vodafone store in Worcester
Activists protest outside an empty vodafone store in Worcester

A shop advisor came out and studied the picture of the primate with an electrode rammed into its brain. He told us that vodafone HQ had warned them of possible demos at the weekend and also, believe it or not, that he would email HQ with his own complaint about vodafone funding Oxford University!

Scores of leaflets were handed to customers going in and out of the shop who were also encouraged to boycott vodafone until they stop funding an institution that performs cruel, vicious and needless animal experiments.

Support from the public was excellent with many customers leaving the shop immediately after reading the leaflet or just not going in after studying the SPEAK poster displayed outside. A number of people enquired about the SPEAK campaign saying that they would send donations in.

Before the demo was over the shop advisor came out again and said that there had been an impact on trade due to the demo outside. He was right, vodafone stayed empty for quite a while with staff aimlessly looking outside from their empty shop floor.

So come on vodafone, do the right thing and dump Oxford uni and put your money elsewhere, not into an institution that is infested with animal torturing psychopaths!

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