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Bicycology Roadshow 2006

a bicycologist | 26.11.2005 22:53 | Culture | Ecology | Technology | London


Coming out of the spectacular success of the G8 Bikeride 2005 ("pedalling from London to Scotland") is a bigger, shinier, more ambitious project. We loved working, cycling and demonstrating together so much that we have decided to try to reach more people in a similar way. This time the format is a bike roadshow involving workshops, outreach, climate change awareness, bike maintenance, bike-art, sustainable living, cinema, cafe and street performance. We will cycle to towns around the country linking up with local projects and campaigns to spread the word about all things bike-related.

We are looking for people to join us who feel they have these skills and more. These could be mechanical, artistic, musical, theatrical, educational, environmental, or even bike tricks. Help us push the boundaries of what can be done with using pedal power!

We are also keen to hook up with relevant local projects, so if you have something to offer then get in touch. We are still open to ideas of places to visit, its going to be happening for about month around could be your town!

To get involved contact or come to the next meeting in Sheffield in late January/early February.

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