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Aussie ministers plot to kill dissent

Simon Said | 26.11.2005 00:16 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Repression | World

Sure, we should be really angry now, that these terrorists should plot to blow up the Bali mourners! And that should buy hoWARd the coward a free kick to any draconian laws that he now seeks to enforce, based on the communities deep emotions, anguish and fears of another attack?

Indonesian justice can be bought and sold, but not for a song!
Indonesian justice can be bought and sold, but not for a song!

Indonesian justice can
be bought and sold,
but not for a song!

INDONESIA'S latest bombing scare campaign continues in its unabated momentum to ramp up terror fears and here in Australia.

According to the mass media giants - who would gladly fall off the back of their chairs to promote it for the hoWARd dictatorship and for a price$$$$$, of course!

And never let a bombing or a bombing plot go by john hoWARd, especially 'State Sanctioned Terror' (set up to promote fear in the community), no doubt, on our doorstep, of course, and emanating from those authorities in Indonesia who can, no doubt, be 'bought and sold' when it comes to justice, but not for a song!

Or be bought to promote THE FEAR of 'terror when necessary' for that matter, but not for a song! Because this is a game that would bleed you dry if you were not a very wealthy person or a very wealthy nation!

After all, that is what this fear is intended for and no doubt the authorities need to make the most out of it. So now we continue to receive propaganda from the Indonesian authorities about their alleged findings and continue to harbor the fears created by it especially if we intend to go to Indonesia for a holiday.

And we trust the Indonesian authorities right? As far as we can, buy them right? Wrong if you ask me! Because bombing fears and fears of any terrorist acts or plots in our midst are used very well by the authorities to induce fear in our community and to give authorities the power and the will of the people in order to promote their illegal and degrading activity, which includes wars, terror and tyranny. And then an authoritarian defence to it or to fully introduce new draconian laws and to have people believe they are necessary.

They'd have you believe that there is a valid reason, with bombs and terror plots on our own doorstep and the fear of it, that you can pick up in any pro-government media outlet, even on Sunday!

The problem I have with believing the Indonesian authorities though is that in the case of Michelle Leslie she was able to buy the legal system but only if she had enough money because that is how the legal system works in Indonesia.

The other fear is the general state sanctioned terror that exists and has been reported and well documented for years in Indonesia so they are not myths or even conspiracy theories. The Australian authorities seem to think they are?

Like the second Bali bomb blast in 2002, that could only have been produced using military hardware and beyond any comprehension of even Azahari bin Husin! If he was the perpetrator then where did he get it?

So if that is how the government and legal system work in Indonesia then that is how everything works in Indonesia from the top down.

That is what they call law in Indonesia? Buying justice, but not for a song!

So we continue to receive propaganda from the Indonesian authorities about their big bust and the alleged killing of Azahri bin Husin the alleged mastermind in the Bali bombings. As well as those latest scapegoats who allegedly help set up the latest bombings in the cafes in October?

Material that was said to be collected from the police raid that allegedly included video tapes, books, and computer data is being slowly drip fed all the way back here for a very good reason, no doubt, as part of hoWARd's plan to introduce Anti-Liberty laws and have the community believe that they are necessary.

Any bombing or any state terror anywhere in the world whipped up by the media giants goes a long, long way in ramming through draconian laws even if they have to have a fishing expedition here raiding peoples homes or even to go into a state run prison and accuse a worker or a 'preacher' of an underworld communication racket between prisoner in custody?

So the authorities and their media giants will go to any length during this important Christmas rush period to find terror or create it, to get their way.

We know the pro-government media bought it, but did the Australian authorities buy it and how much did it cost?

Allegedly, now ministers alexander downer and chris ellison were the intended targets of a plot by a terror group, that no one had originally heard of, called Jemaah Islamiah, to attack a memorial service last month for the victims of the 2002 Bali bombings, says the Indonesian government and pro-government Australian media giants.

Sure, we should be really angry now, that these terrorists should plot to blow up the Bali mourners! And that should buy hoWARd the coward a free kick to any draconian laws that he now seeks to enforce, based on the communities deep emotions, anguish and fears of another attack?

Drip-fed propaganda helps purported by the Indonesian authorities and sent to us has been paid for in the 'trust' that we somehow have to have to work with those 'Indonesian authorities' to clear it all up. The same authorities who can be bought and sold, but not for a song, in relation to Indonesian justice 'anytime' 'any place' in Indonesia?

God Bless Michelle Leslie a model prisoner who also managed to buy her way out of the State Sanctioned Terror, but not for a song, which was so very necessary in a place where there is no real justice and state sanctioned terror.

Especially when you're going to get 15 years for two pills that were allegedly found in your possession whilst on holiday. Even if a person got caught with two pills it is certainly no crime and certainly does not change the rort by the Indonesian authorities to exploit 'any poor lamb that comes along' with the 'threat' of a long prison sentence in hell or even death unless they pay for their own life.

Trust them?

So when you hear about a government source in Indonesia confirming that a plot, contained in detailed plans drawn up by terror mastermind Azahari bin Husin, was an attempt to assassinate the Australian 'foreigner' alexander drowner and 'injustice' 'miniature' the grand 'ellusion', who attended the service in Kuta along with 350 other people, including 50 Australian victims of the bombings? Then you know its bullshit brought on by those same Australian authorities that attempt to now sell it to the Australian people, but not for a song!

So how much did this cost the Australian authorities? To turn a blind eye on justice and for the 2002, 2004 and 2005, bombings in Bali and the Australian Embassy in Jakarta?

Certainly not as much as the victims and certainly not their own lives.

And how much did it cost all those people who were blown up on the dance floors and in the cafes or on the job at the Embassy? Yes it cost some of them their lives. With the living victims and their relatives and friends suffering indefinite anguish pain or disability.

Not too cheap at all unless you're a minister in the Indonesian or Australian government who is apparently busy trying to fix the problem? A CIA spy who is apparently a terrorist expert, who is apparently trying to fix the problem or media giant picking up bonus points, who is apparently trying to report the problem that goes on as long as hoWARd wants them too!

drowner confirmed yesterday that there were fears the memorial could be targeted.

"Everybody knew that there were risks involved; it was there, we were all aware of that," he said.

Very well aware of I'd say drowner, you war criminal.

drowner "We put in place, as did the Indonesians, very substantial security for all those who went to the ceremony in Bali.

They did not plan a bombing at the ceremony!

drowner "The ceremony was… short, but it was a very moving ceremony and I think it meant a lot to those families. And the fact that there was security ensured that they were safe."

The same security that can be bought and sold! BUT NOT FOR A SONG!

Sinator Ellusion's office said he would not comment on issues relating to his safety.

He feels guilty!

And anyway the plot was abandoned because of the 'tight security', which can be bought and sold, but not for song!

The state instead decided not to harm the ministers but to carrying out the bombing where it could only effect innocent victims before the memorial, with the three scapegoat bombings at the Bali restaurants on October 1 where twenty-three people, including four Australians and the three other scapegoats, were killed on behalf of STATE SANCTIONED TERROR.

Allegedly Azahari's plans were discovered by police who can be bought and sold in Indonesia, but not for a song!

On a computer disc allegedly being carried by a courier early this month. The alleged seizure was allegedly made the day before the alleged JI bombmaker was killed when the police allegedly discovered his hideout in East Java.

Bill Hardy lost his 20-year-old son, Billy, in the attacks on October 12, 2002, and addressed last month's service. He was defiant about the plot and said he would return to Bali for memorial services in the future.

"I'm not going to be dictated to by these cowards. These scum are not going to stop me going to Bali," he yesterday.

"It's a memorial for someone who was murdered. If I say I'm not going because of them, once I've done that I'm beaten."

Mr Hardy said he was "delighted" when he heard Azahari had been killed.

"They're murderers and barbarians. Even in death, he was a coward. He didn't have the guts enough to stand up and face the music. He was a coward."

But if he only knew is own government conspired to let it happen and was behind it then he would turn his anger onto the hoWARd government and the Indonesian authorities, for their state sanctioned terror and their war on terror, (which is terror).

And also a front for their illegal and degrading war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Final conclusions

Now the government seeks to close the door on your conclusions and the Indonesian authorities alleged findings about the bombings with federal dictator philip duddock saying the evidence uncovered on the computer disc was consistent with the government's terror threat assessment for Indonesia at the time.

But more likely consistent with the general corruption by the Indonesian authorities all the time, which can be bought and sold, but not for a song!

There is no price in Indonesia for an 'Australian government politician' either, a price that the Australian authorities can easily afford, by not getting directly involved in the bomb blasts.

But this is not good enough for ordinary peasants, tourists or holidaymakers unaware of any sinister plot that would take their life or use them as scapegoats for the war on terror, (which is state sanctioned terror).

How much did this cost the Australian authorities?

duddock said documentary evidence found at the site of Azahari's death suggested Australians had been at real risk of a terrorist attack.

Terrorist expert required?

Perhaps we need another speech from a CIA terrorist expert to fully secure duddock's view that we should continue to hold onto grave fears if we visit Indonesia? Or if we try to prevent the hoWARd dictatorship introducing new draconian laws?

duddock "All of that, of course, is consistent with the travel warnings that we have given in relation to Indonesia. Terrorist attacks were certainly possible," duddock said.

He had inside information!

duddock" And what we now have is the evidence that affirms that advice that this group, Jemaah Islamiah, operating in Indonesia, had identified a large number of targets and they would have posed considerable risk to Australians."

And that is what he dearly wants you to believe!

The threat remained, he said. "Obviously, the capture of that information (and) the death of Azahari has made some difference but others who have been complicit in these activities still remain at large, and that's a matter of continuing concern to us," duddock said.

Rock the house

john hoWARd's abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz news said last night that Michelle Leslie was guilty of possessing two pills and therefore she deserved to have been threatened and belittled by prime miniature hoWARd the coward.

But when justice in Indonesia can be bought and sold, but not for a song, then the worry has to be how legitimate our own government purports to be whilst working hand in hand with the Indonesian authorities in their war on terror (which is state sanctioned terror), and to inform all Australians about alleged perpetrators of bombings and bomb plots.


CIA agent spreads terror fears in Australia

Why shouldn't you be convinced after all gunaratna says he's a dr and reported to be a 'terrorist expert'? He even lives in Indonesia surrounded by bombs going off in his own backyard. But even with his alleged expertise it has only led to even more relentless and 'subsequent bombings' in Indonesia. So I suppose that's how you know you need an expert?


hoWARd, will keep chilling you!

All this nonsense to hide the fact that the Bali bombing was not State Sanctioned Terror when it clearly was in relation to the explosive used in the second Bali bomb blast in 2002 which was clearly military hardware.


Bali trio scapegoats for state terror

Now these men have been chosen as scapegoats for the State sanctioned terror and will be prosecuted under an anti-terror law that carries the death penalty for allegedly assisting the perpetrators of a bombing.


Simon Said
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