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Big Green Gathering Funding Crisis

Herby Spiral | 25.11.2005 18:29

Big Green Gathering Faces Biggest Challenge Yet!

Many people have agreed that this year's Big Green Gathering was the best ever,and the feed-back we have received has been positive and encouraging. We certainly all enjoyed it and we hope you did too.

However, the BGG faces its biggest challenge ever. Due to a combination of factors, we do not have enough money to cover our debts. We are still finalising figures but at present it looks that the 2005 BGG will have a financial shortfall of around £60,000.

Although this shortfall may seem a large amount of money, it is important to see it in its true proportion. It is around 10% of our current annual turnover, or put another way, less than £5 each for everyone who attended this years event, or around £12 for everyone who had a free ticket as a worker or contributor. (Yes, we did once again provide an astonishing 5,000 staff tickets for workers, volunteers, performers and other contributors!) Seen in these terms, and given the huge fund of goodwill which exists towards the event and the undoubted desire of all our shareholders, customers and other participants that it should be able to continue in future years, we believe it should be quite possible for us to raise this amount and rescue the company from its present predicament.

We are determined to ensure that the BGG gets back on its feet.If, like us, you believe that the BGG is too good an event to be allowed to go down, we hope that you will make a contribution to keeping it afloat through becoming or recruiting a new BGG shareholder, or by making a donation to our BGG Rescue Fund Appeal.

Email or call 01458 834629 for more information on becoming a shareholder.

Original article from Permaculture Association (Britain) website

Herby Spiral
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its a business.

25.11.2005 21:35

BGG is a business. you got your ticket prices wrong, or gave away to many freebies to your mates. why should anyone else help out a business which is run by persons not upto running a business?

been there done that


26.11.2005 00:08

Fair point, maybe thats why they are asking for folks to become shareholders as well as simply donating. Personally i think it would be a shame to lose the BGG, even though I've never even been there- its too expensive for me to take my family along. BTW, I've got no personal stake in BGG, just think its a worthwhile event.

Herby Spiral


26.11.2005 06:42

Yes "astonishing" is the right word for 5000 freebies

Nigel Goodman
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Big Greed

26.11.2005 12:55

The BGG 2005 was the most ethically bankrupt green gathering I've ever been to. What with the 'stone circle' being sponsored by Bardon Aggregates, people in the campaigns tent being told to cover up their vehicles because they might offend Michael Meacher, the carnivorous plant stall being back with it's destructive peat mining, and so on. Green Consumerism is a farce, so I've no sympathy with the Big Greed. Where were the compost toilets for starters!

Dont give money until the organising collective come back with how they are going to deal with the situation.


Matcher Thaggy
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Well said above...

26.11.2005 16:45

Good call...

Nedrick Ludette

Compost Bogs

26.11.2005 18:32

Talking of Compost Toilets, the video of our compost toilet building workshop at Dial house a couple of years ago ( ) should be available in DVD format soon. I'd also like to make it avialbel via indymedia but don't have the first clue as to how to do this- can anyone advise?

Herby Spiral
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27.11.2005 00:50

With you there, been there done that.

The BGG shortfall is exactly the cost of the freebie tickets they gave away.

Maybe more foresight next time? If there is one?

Got the T Shirt Too