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Demonstration against the forced deportation of Iraqi Kurds from the UK

No Borders Birmingham | 25.11.2005 14:11 | Migration | Birmingham

Demonstration against the forced deportation of Iraqi Kurds from the UK

Birmingham Thursday December 1st
10am to 12.00pm

Home Office
Chadwick House
Blenheim Court
Warwick Road
B91 2AA

(5 minutes walk from Solihull rail station)
Called by Birmingham Anti-Racist Campaign and Kurdish Iraqi Community

An organising meeting will be held at 4pm on Sat 26 Nov during an afternoon social in support of Refugees and Asylum Seekers from 2pm to 6pm at the Oaklands Centre, Winleigh Road, Handsworth Wood
- ALL WELCOME- Kids too - food and music

Inquires/further details contact:
Dave Rogers
ARC: 07973 945 873

Public Meetings with Iraqi/Kurdish Asylum Seekers
Organised by International Federation of Iraq Refugees
Home Office policy, how we can change it, and what is our alternative

Saturday 26 November
Time: 5.00-8.00pm
Federation of Iraqi Refugees - Manchester
Green Fish Resource Centre
46-50 Oldham Street
M1 4LE

Sunday 4th December
Time 3-6
Summerfield community centre
Winson Green Road

Enquiries/further information:
Dashty Jamal
020 7833 9414
077 3470 4742


Eviction of Iraqis from section 4 accommodation in Leeds

Jeremy Oppenheim (Director of NASS) attended a meeting last Friday with Leeds City Council and agreed to immediately suspend all evictions of s4 Iraqis in Leeds. NASS has informed ICT that this is due to concerns expressed by Leeds City Council and some of the local MPs about the high concentration of Iraqis receiving section 4 support in the city and the affects of NASS' project to require Iraqis to register with the VARRP to continue receiving support on homelessness in the city.

NASS' plan is to make a concerted effort, probably over a six week period, to persuade all Iraqis receiving section 4 support in Leeds of the benefits of VARRP and try and get more to sign-up with presentations from IOM. During this time Iraqis in receipt of section 4 support will not be evicted and will continue to receive support if they are in the accommodation. NASS will continue to provide section 4 support if the criteria are met after this proposed six week period. Those who have already received discontinuation letters but have not yet been evicted will continue to receive support rather than be evicted. Those who have been evicted will remain so and will have to reapply and fully satisfy the criteria if they wish to reaccess section 4 support again.

After the six week period, the eviction process will be restarted for those who have not signed up for VARRP.

Please note, this temporary stay in evictions applies to Leeds only and the the process of requiring Iraqis to sign up for the VARRP to receive section 4 support will continue elsewhere.

Source: Refugee Council

No Borders Birmingham