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Petition Kofi Annan re Tunis Human Rights

monitor | 25.11.2005 10:46 | Repression | Technology

Last week in Tunis, at the World Summit on the Information Society (, both inside and outside the official Summit, serious attacks on human rights and the right to freedom of expression have been witnessed. These attacks have included harassment of delegates, assaults on Tunisian and international journalists and human rights defenders, denial of entry to the country, the blocking of websites, the censorship of documents and speeches, and the prevention and disruption of meetings.

The WSIS follow-up letter to Kofi Annan has now been released for public sign-on.

To be included in the list of signatories in the copy to be delivered to
Kofi Annan on Monday, please sign by Sunday 27 November.

Sign-ons can be made on-line through the sign-on page on the Citizens Summit website: