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Socialist Finland attacks against CIA and USA Policy on terrorism

Ake Tyvi | 19.11.2005 14:16 | Analysis | Culture | Health | Terror War | World

United States of America’s Central Intelligence Angency has
got in Europe, Middle-East and Asia secret (operation) centres, which
assignment is to follow and abduct suspected terrorists.

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Title: Socialist Finland attacks against CIA and USA Policy on

Abstract: United States of America’s Central Intelligence Angency has
got in Europe, Middle-East and Asia secret (operation) centres, which
assignment is to follow and abduct suspected terrorists.


November 19 2005


Finland – Last week newspaper articles have been dealing United
States of America’s Central Intelligence Agency terrorist policy and
USA’s (claimed) actions in Europe in extreme rude way.

For example YP Iltalehti ( wrote on November 18,
2005 at 10:46 in their article “C.I.A. has got secret operations in
Europe? [CIA:lla salaista toimintaa Euroopassa?]”; “United States of
America’s Central Intelligence Agency has got in Europe, Middle-East
and Asia secret (operation) centres, which assignment is to follow
and abduct suspected terrorists”. “These operation Centres are called
CTICs (Counterterrorist Intelligence Centre)”. Information was
revealed by Washington Post and information was based on USA
Intelligence Experts interview.

“There is a joint centre in Paris, formed by USA and French
intelligence, committing operations against terrorism all over the
world. Experts from Britain, Germany, Canada and Australia are
participating this work. CIA former leader George Tenet has organised
this activity.” reveals Finnish YP.

According to articles published last week, C.I.A.’s airplanes have
visited on several airfields in Europe.

For example Swedish Security Police – SAPO – claims of not being
aware of any C.I.A. airplanes having landed in Sweden, with or
without any prison cargo. However Prime Minister Göran Persson have
confirmed of CIA having used rented airplanes, that have committed
stopovers in Sweden, but Foreign Minister of Sweden, Laila Freivalds,
rejects this information.

Prison flights are also under investigation in Spain, where claimed
stopovers have been claimed taken place on Mallorca airport. Interior
Minister José Antonio Alonso assured the investigation will be
complete. Several media told C.I.A.’s used Son Sant Joan airport in
Mallorca from the beginning of 2004 until January 2005. Spanish
government disputes information. ”We have no evidence, nor any kind
of proof”.

I myself can not say anything to this claim of Intelligence Agency
having operational centres and them pulling operations on abroad in a
form of intelligence and fling with airplanes, but I do hope C.I.A.
would had enough time to pick up Socialist Finland leading lawyers,
judges, solicitors, police commissioners, corrupted politicians into
their airplane to the same camp their transport their cargo.

You see, for example I could not write and publish this article in
Finland, because of this nation has got a controlled media, which
they refer as self sensor-ship. Anyone violating Finnish Media Policy
lining finds himself in deep problems against the Finnish Police and
Legal representatives behind our socialism.
This has got a historical background; For those aware of our Church
History know anyone could not become a priest after the historical
period of Suurviha (and ever since I suppose). Around Suurviha and
from the writings at the time we know, that priest had to know how to
double cross the common people, they had to use plenty of alcohol and
enjoy ‘Circus –amusements’ every now and then.
Now this Church treason has expanded from religion into our legal
system as a High Treason; Finland three democracy pillars use the
same idea in keeping people silence. Legal system makes deliberate
false judgments to push people down, and to have their fun on people,
and the same rule goes to Socialist Finland Police machinery.
And this happens in media too. If you doubt my word, you better check
what happened to one of our leading socialist reporter Ruben Stiller;
his show was put on shelve immediately after he supported National
Coalition Party’s candidate Sauli Niinistö as a president in an
advertisement. And I this Ruben Stiller is being suspended from his
job as well. This is how socialism and socialist Finland media works.
Socialist media also prevents small business of getting any work by
taking some of us as an example to socialism. They mud sling to make
sure capitalism takes a second place among working labour.

So, if C.I.A. truly makes these stopover flights, operational
flights, or has got operational centres in Socialist France, then I
do hope you board these criminals into your airplane, bring some
firearms to sell to our businessmen with you against case evidence on
property crime taken place, and fuel your place with the money got
from sold products. – After all, you do not want to fly around with
an empty airplane and you have to pay your fuel somehow!

Finland has caused huge damage to USA reputation by writing about
problems they have not come across by themselves. Further more, our
system is filled with people with less educational capabilities,
usurping the power to themselves, keeping and maintaining it by force
of making false judgments, incorrect law interpretation, and forcing
people out from the machinery. These people hire uneducated around
them, since they cause no harm in government ruling, and they are
ready to do anything to only fill their belly. This explains why
everyone is not welcome into government position – they know their
will loose their position and head.

Finally I have to say God still choosing His priest (*), and there
may be some of them among even Church – he may have told to lie to
religion syndicate in order to make things work better. However, the
only sure thing is God existing and choosing his own priests (*). He
calls the at least by priests name, and who knows, maybe in some
other ways too (*). * Call on duty.

I am a simple man, and the only thing I know is this; when everything
gets united at all level, there can be only one, and that is God.
Anything coming from human is imperfect and one does not have to
listen or believe other people, unless told either by God Himself or
written in order by God Himself. And since we all were exiled from a
pretty nice place into this exodus, then we should have some sane
tolerance in law interpretation on punishments as all human are
sinners more or less. In short; If your car has got a design problem,
you rather call the main engineer in charge of the car manufacturing
to let the one in charge of being aware of the dilemma. It is the
same thing with God Himself as our main Engineer of Homo Sapiens;
dial His number guarantees best result, and He has told Himself of
having designed Human being. And if you think your problem is not
huge enough, then He has spared His main assistant in serve and
customer case, Jesus to work with Him.

I wish I get my property returned from these people, who have done so
much damage to both of us.

Åke Tyvi
Adult IT-Engineering Student

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Ake Tyvi