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Bali trio scapegoats for state terror

injustice | 17.11.2005 00:14 | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism | Repression | Terror War | World

Now these men have been chosen as scapegoats for the State sanctioned terror and will be prosecuted under an anti-terror law that carries the death penalty for allegedly assisting the perpetrators of a bombing.

Scapegoat [File photo] (Rooters)
Scapegoat [File photo] (Rooters)

THREE more men will be used as scapegoats for Indonesian State sanctioned terrorism and charged with involvement in last month's Bali suicide bombings that killed four Australians, Indonesian police said last night.

But you can't always believe what police say especially in Indonesia where state sanctioned terror is rampant.

False reporting

Bali bomber? Azahari dead?

Allegedly the government responsible for the two Bali bombings and an attack on the Australian embassy in Jakarta cannot now be blamed because the Indonesian authorities claim to have blown up a man they blamed it on.

Azahari bin Husin, the man they claim was responsible but now cannot give any evidence contrary to what has been claimed by the authorities because they alleged to have witnessed that he was blown up.

Quite strange was the fact that the Un-Australian headlined it this morning before any alleged DNA result confirmed the death of the alleged person Azahari bin Husin. Did he even exist? Will you be satisfied with the alleged DNA testing by the Indonesian authorities? Was he the Bali bomber? Did he execute both explosions in the first Bali bombing?

Has he been dead for some time and his DNA stored?

Sorry to tell everyone out there in TV land but there is more to this than meets the air waves and because it is claimed Husin was cornered by police in East Java means you have to trust the Indonesian police?


That article was written as the initial report was broadcast based on the Un-Australian's Newspaper story that morning (with a twist) of course because of the inaccurate reporting by the pro-government media source which couldn't be relied upon, even to wipe your arse!

Just like this story is based on a report from the Daily Terror this morning but unfortunately it is amongst some of the worst of the worst reporting - so it has to be re-rooted to give the reader an honest report.

Anyway, the very next day after the Un-Australian's news break it was then reported that Azahari bin Husin did not now blow himself up and that he was shot by the police instead?

This is a sure sign of a true propaganda experience my friends, let me tell you. These reports had come from numerous sources including reporters on the ground in Indonesia and police themselves???

Now these other men have been chosen as scapegoats for the State sanctioned terror and will be prosecuted under an anti-terror law that carries the death penalty for allegedly assisting the perpetrators of a bombing.

Similarly, we have a ready source of homegrown scapegoats here in Australia too, for the war on terror, home grown. The john HoWARd variety rounded up because police said that they lied during an interview with ASIO?

Man to stand trial because police said: he lied?

A Sydney man has been committed to stand trial on charges of lying to ASIO.

It wouldn't matter what it was about would it? Okay I'll tell you then!

Because police said Abdul Rakid Hasan lied to them 'twice' and now he has to prove that he didn't lie to them 'twice' by facing two charges one for each alleged lie?

The man was one of eight arrested in last week's counter-terrorism raids.

Abdul Rakid Hasan is charged with two offences of giving false or misleading information, while being interviewed by ASIO, about his association with 'alleged security risk' Willie Brigitte.


True scapegoats Guantanamo Bay style

Officers were questioning the three suspects on Bali after bringing them to the resort island from neighbouring Java with their feet and hands chained and heads covered by a sheet.

Police Propaganda

Bali police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Antonius Reniban said police had seized notebooks indicating the men had been planning more attacks.

He said the men were arrested in the city of Semarang last week. He declined to give details of their alleged roles in the October 1 triple suicide attacks at crowded restaurants that killed 20 people and the three bombers.

Last weeks story that was suddenly changed

Last week, police shot and killed a Malaysian militant, Azahari Husin, alleged to have helped plan the blasts.

He is believed to have been a leader of the al-Qaeda-linked Jemaah Islamiyah terror group and was tracked down after police identified two of the bombers.

The anti-terror law was rushed through Indonesia's Parliament after bombings in Bali in 2002 which killed 202 people, including 88 Australians.


Ed: All we need now is another report from john hoWARd the coward, alexanda drowner, mick guilty, CIA spy sydney jones or any other alleged terrorism expert that the pro-government media choose to rely upon to validate their claims. And that will ensure us scapegoats buy it and the other three scapegoats get the bullet to take the blame for Indonesian/USA/Australian - State Sanctioned Terror.

Oh! I forgot to mention the farewell video made prior the set-up.

Yeah, the story line here is that, on one tape, the three bombers explained to their families why they were about to blow themselves up in three cafes.

Therefore the authorities don't need any proof to convict them. And I didn't mention them possible being 'tortured' to own up to it 'orally' in any court but you can get the idea from the pic! And some pictures tell the real story.

Stay tuned for my next article called:

How to avoid becoming a scapegoat for state sanctioned terror.

Keep it locked!


Mercy for murderers

Every family member of a 'victim' must feel this way. So when you think of the innocent victims in Bali then also think of the innocent victims in Iraq and Afghanistan the very reason for Bali.


Community set to oppose downer propaganda: Bashir

9-ll, Bali, Spain, Australia's Embassy in Jakarta, London and Egypt all have similarities and follow the same pattern, in that without them it would have been impossible to get the support from the west necessary to pre-emptively and illegally strike a sovereign nation state and whoever is behind these bombings wanted to go into an illegal and degrading war and not preach and teach peasants in Indonesia.


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