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95 Theses

Matthew Edwards | 16.11.2005 22:00 | Birmingham

Against the indulgences of Neoliberalism and religious fundamentalism



Copyleft Matthew Edwards 2005

With all the creative techniques of NON-VIOLENCE we can invent let us

1) FIGHT violence
2) FIGHT nuclear weapons
3) FIGHT the idea of the third world war
4) FIGHT the reality of the third world
5) FIGHT climate change
6) FIGHT corruption
7) FIGHT fundamentalism
8) FIGHT religious intolerance
9) FIGHT bombs with food
10) FIGHT consumerism
11) FIGHT materialism
12) FIGHT commercialism
13) FIGHT celebrity culture
14) FIGHT political jargon
15) FIGHT the rape of mother nature
16) FIGHT pollution
17) FIGHT apathy
18) FIGHT despair
19) FIGHT cynicism
20) FIGHT those making a killing in your name
21) FIGHT ignorance
22) FIGHT privatisation
23) FIGHT the corporatisation of the media
24) FIGHT the society of the spectacle
25) FIGHT ennui
26) FIGHT the machine
27) FIGHT against resource wars
28) FIGHT selfishness
29) FIGHT bling bling
30) FIGHT disaffection
31) FIGHT disconnection
32) FIGHT alienation
33) FIGHT anomie
34) FIGHT reification
35) FIGHT loss of community
36) FIGHT commodity fetishism
37) FIGHT greed
38) FIGHT envy
39) FIGHT the obsession with style over substance
40) FIGHT exploitation
41) FIGHT injustice
42) FIGHT oppression
43) FIGHT over-production
44) FIGHT waste
45) FIGHT cultural obesity
46) FIGHT hypocrisy
47) FIGHT bigotry
48) FIGHT self thought policing
49) FIGHT disrespect for elders
50) FIGHT conspicuous consumption
51) FIGHT war profits
52) FIGHT hypnosis
53) FIGHT the domination of the weak by the strong
54) FIGHT unhappiness
55) FIGHT unnecessary consumer desires
56) FIGHT unsustainable economic growth
57) FIGHT stress
58) FIGHT disease
59) FIGHT mental disorder
60) FIGHT the fast food economy
61) FIGHT the attention deficit disorder culture
62) FIGHT your disbelief in your own creative power
63) FIGHT the power
64) FIGHT hype
65) FIGHT hyper-power
66) FIGHT weapons of mass deception
67) FIGHT dismal stories
68) FIGHT war in peace clothing
69) FIGHT hegemony
70) FIGHT space imperialism
71) FIGHT false profits
72) FIGHT hatred
73) FIGHT the elimination of indigenous cultures
74) FIGHT the extinction of species
75) FIGHT deforestation
76) FIGHT lies
77) FIGHT poverty of mind and spirit
78) FIGHT (un)free enterprise
79) FIGHT servitude
80) FIGHT the programming of the mind by advertising
81) FIGHT unethical finance
82) FIGHT unethical medicine
83) FIGHT loss of love
84) FIGHT your own personal demons
85) FIGHT misery
86) FIGHT false consciousness
87) FIGHT false conscience
88) FIGHT tyranny
89) FIGHT apartheid
90) FIGHT the loss of the idea of the brotherhood and sisterhood of mankind
91) FIGHT whited sepulchres
92) FIGHT all modern forms of the system of indulgences
93) FIGHT the idea of paying for salvation
94) FIGHT the fall from the perfumed garden we are all born into
95) FIGHT the idea of death




Matthew Edwards
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