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Jobsite Lie....Animals Die!

Covance Campaign | 12.11.2005 23:52 | Animal Liberation | Bio-technology | World

"Oh, your belly looks bad. All I know is if I had that rash on my belly by ... an incision site, I'd be at the hospital on some serious antibiotics." - Covance technician referring to the infected incision site on a rhesus monkey after irradiation.

Jobsite issued a statement to the Covance Campaign about their advertisements for Covance, but soon after the adverts re-appeared. In their statement Jobsite said "Jobsite does not condone animal cruelty in any way." Covance have been exposed for animal cruelty numerous times, they were condemned by leading primatologist, Jane Goodall for the cruel conditions monkeys are kept in inside their labs. Workers were exposed for not giving adequate veterinary treatment to sick and injured primates. The comment at the top of this page was made by a Covance Primate Technician in the recent expose of their labs. By advertising for jobs as animal technicians for Covance, Jobsite are actively supporting animal torture. Please politely contact them about their lies. A sample letter is at the foot of this alert:

Jobsite UK (Worldwide) Ltd.
Langstone Technology Park,
Langstone Road,
Havant, Hampshire,
Tel: 0870 774 8500
Tel: 0870 774 8811
Fax: 0870 774 8501


Cheryl Morgan is the PR Executive and issued the statement:

- Andrew Michael Hart:
- Damian Thomas Nicholson:
- Karen Anne Rotberg:

Dear Sir / Madam, Jobsite,
Recently your firm issued a statement to The Covance Campaign regarding advertisements for Covance, a contract research laboratory who conduct animal experiments. In the statement, "Jobsite does not condone animal cruelty in any way." was said. Adverts have re-appeared on the Jobsite website for positions at Covance. By advertising for positions at Covance, you are actively supporting animal cruelty. Covance have been exposed numerous times and leading primatologist, Jane Goodall condemned the labs for their ill treatment of animals. Primates were left without adequate veterinary treatment. Covance?s daily business is poisoning animals to death including; dogs, cats, primates, guinea-pigs, rabbits, rodents, horses, farm animals and more. This is obvious animal cruelty, supported by Jobsite.

I would appreciate it if the advertisements are removed,
Yours Sincerely,

Covance Campaign
- e-mail:
- Homepage:


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blah blah blah

13.11.2005 00:13

Worth noting this image is banded about a lot. Don't you have any more?
Makes me think this image was probably created by some nutty terrorist that uses the animal rights cause to justify their own unique blend of madness in the public arena.
Sure animals die in experiments in the UK, but to get a home office licence, you are subject to rigorous checks and audits, and corporations that violate the basic rights to feed and humanely treat and destroy the animals used during medical research are subject to sanctions.

Use of graphic image to try and justify your cause is no differant then using soft core porn to try and sell cars.

Grow up

realist MK IV


13.11.2005 01:36

Right now, as you post this thoughtless piece of hypocrite, unaware, self-fulfilling, Walt Disney-radicalistic piece of propaganda, thousands upon thousands of HUMAN beings, happening to be born in another part of the world than the secure, moronified reality you dwell in, are STARVING and FREEZING to death.
Please set your mind to work! YOU could do something of importance.
It's as easy as this:
First things first;
let's help earthquake victims in Pakistan, then we'll discuss animal rights.
Let go of these anti-humanistic, quasi-radical ideas, you'll be amazed how got it'll feel..

I can't belive people like this..

No idea

13.11.2005 09:20

Neither of the above posters, obviously, have visited the BUAV site ( There the full horror of animal 'testing' is exposed. I am amazed that they cannot see that part of being human is how we treat creatures more vulnerable than ourselves. I find the use of the Pakistani earthquake particularly disturbing. So people should stop trying to question deliberately generated suffering, which amounts to torture, in fact, every time there's a natural disaster? What planet are you on?


Do nothing...

13.11.2005 10:34

And what are YOU doing for the Pakistan earthquake victims? I notice that the people who criticise those who care about animal rights from the 'human are more important' perspective are usually doing bugger all for either humans or animals themselves, other than maybe putting a few quid in the charity box.



13.11.2005 13:48

Yes im full on for animal rights and if i saw some1 treating an animal cruelly for no reason id do something about it but i value human beings more and we do need to focus the vast majority of our attention to the issues being caused in other countries because we are partly to blame for it. The UK has been pillaging the earth with either by economic imerialism or militaristic imperialism and for too long now we have been allowing these fascist pricks to do that. We have to put our prioritis right or else wel keep on seeing pictures like those in Fallujah or Africa. Of course get rid of capitalism and youl find that wars, stealing of wealth from other countries, and even animal testing will all stop. Funny what the benefits are when one removes the profit factor from society.

Dont live in a bubble

Yes indeed, funny it is!

13.11.2005 14:51

First when one removes the profit factor from society one is enabled to embark on a similar joyride towards economical misery that people have been on for some time now in great welfare nations like Mocambique, Cuba and North Korea!

Starvation sure can be great fun!
Watching flies swarming over dead infants and other results of communist policies is a thrilling experience not to be missed!

I've lived in a capitalist european country, Finland, during the days of the Soviet Empire.
Back in those days, I sometimes visited the kingdom of decayed cities, ravaged nature and undernourished people that was the Soviet Union.
I was laughing my guts out all day long, having a ball.
Strangely enough, no inhabitants of the places I payed visit to were doing the same.
On the other side of the border, back in Finland, my eyes met with affluence and human beings provided a opportunity to do something constructive of their life - what a hellhole to live in.

Both eyes open wide

Why Blair's New Reich members ALWAYS attack the animal rights people

13.11.2005 15:28

As seen in the comments above, Blair's New Reich members will always attack the animal rights movement, and attack them hard. Why? The reason is very, very simple. The UK has almost NO effective anti-government political protest. The exceptions-

-Brian Haw
-Fathers for Justice
-Animal Rights movement

FFJ and the Animal Rights movement thus create a VERY DANGEROUS template for other anti-government organisations. It is the job of New Reich trolls here, and in other places to ensure that no-one in the anti-war movement copies their successful stategies. To do this, they simple act like the sheep in "Animal Farm", bleating loudly whenever an animal rights person shows up.

Under different names, these are the same forces that push the anti-Iran line, and the barely disguised BNP line like the anti-Tyson, anti-minorities in Birmingham posts seen recently.

Once again, the main task of the internal security services within Britain is to identify and neutralise any movement that could threaten Blair. At this time, these acts are rarely violent, but mostly consist of infiltration, control of leadership, divide-and-conquer strategies, black propaganda, and identification of potentially dangerous (politically) individuals who can then be tracked and "dealt with" if and when the need arises.

ALWAYS expect great trolling rage at any animal rights article here- and always understand why.


There are pills you know...

13.11.2005 16:31

Perhaps you spot little trolls and goblins everywhere, trying to sneak up on you, hoping to penetrate your nostrils or your eardrums in order to build a little nest inside your head. Perhaps they've already been successful.

If you feel that is the case, seek medical care.

If you, on the contrary, feel a desire to play Goebbels and distract people from what is really beeing said or what is really taking place, well, - unlucky!

Since the days of the ancient greeks we westernes have experienced this well known practice in the field of public debate of trying to draw attention from WHAT is being said to WHO is saying it.
It's called "argumentum ad hominem" meaning "an argument about the speaker (claiming something)".
It could be an angolian fisherman or Sven Goran Eriksson hiding behind the posts above, who cares?
If someone, wishing to argue for animal rights, doubts the sincerity behind any kind of gainsay, then why bother participating in or initiating a debate in the first place?

Upright defender of humanist values

(Both) Eyes Wide Shut

13.11.2005 18:37

"Watching flies swarming over dead infants and other results of communist policies is a thrilling experience not to be missed!" Lets take a place where this kind of thing happens shall we. Hell lets take a continent. Africa. What can we say about Africa. well for starters 80% of Africas wealth goes to the west. This is what the profit factor does. It makes greedy little sons of bitches with economic strength pillage other nations of their wealth. Who said anything about teh Soivet Union Cuba and North Korea being Communist? Do you think they are/were?? Coz if you do then you need help my friend. Imperialism is directly linked to capitalism. Thats why capitalist nations cant ever keep their noses out of other countries business.

Get a Clue

Come on guys - stop going off on one!

13.11.2005 20:18

Excuse me some of the above people! I thought this article was about animal issues. The article doesn't actually say that animals are more important than what is happening in Pakistan. Perhaps climate change is more important than Pakistan or New Orleans for that matter but let's not start a discussion about that as well as capitalism, wars and all the rest of the stuff people are having an axe to grind about. If the only issue on Indymedia was Pakistan then it would be called surely but it is a bit wider than that. If you don't want to know about animal rights then don't click on an article that is clearly going to be about ANIMAL RIGHTS (which some people give a shit about!! well as all the other issues in the world). Anyway 'Realist MK IV' who complains about the graphic images - yes that's what goes on in laboratories and it is graphic! 'Rigorous home office checks'!!??? My vegan, ass!! I don't know a rigorous government office actually. Outdated photo is it?, well try the following link, (March this year, undercover footage), just an example of one Covance incident.


vegan ass

13.11.2005 21:14

A lot of British people have relatives in Kashmir facing imminent and unnecessary death and because our governments never deliver on their promises it is understandable for them to try and rally urgent activist involvement.

The worst way to motivate people though is to criticise and denegrate their main interest, and it would better serve the Pakistani people to post more reports from activists in Kashmir onto IM.

Bee, but is your vegan ass made from tofu or does it just not eat meat and dairy ?


Reply to a

13.11.2005 22:14

"Neither of the above posters, obviously, have visited the BUAV site". Now I can't speak for them, but I am very much pro-vivisection and I have visited just about every animal rights site there is. I like to inform myself of both sides of the debate, so I've seen pictures, undercover videos and just about everything you could throw at me. It doesn't work on me so I doubt it would work on these two posters. Don't assume that your emotive videos and pictures will bring everybody to tears and make them instantly join anti-vivisection organisations.

Humpty Dumpty

In that case

13.11.2005 23:27

If you are so strongly pro vivisection, please attach your reasons for being so. It was interesting to note that, with reference to a recent posting about experiments on guinea pigs, that all the nation's top scientists could claim was that experiments on animals had led to several Nobel prizes. Not scientific breakthroughs, you note, but prizes. Despite the huge suffering caused to other sentient creatures, there has been NO evidence that these have helped humanity in the slightest. On the contrary, drugs 'tested' on some animals (other sentient creatures) have been shown to be utterly harmful to other animals (humans) - look at Thalidomide. There has been no cure for cancer, Parkinsons, or any other human disease. We need to look at the CAUSES (pesticides, atnospheric pollutants) if we want to stop these illnesses. And, also, we could accept that dying is part of being human. Causing creatures which are fully aware of pain and emotional suffering intense agony is not humane, and should therefore be questioned most strongly, even if you are the sort of person who thinks that it doesn't matter who suffers, as long as you benefit. The evidence, however, shows you are not benefiting. You are being conned.

Yours, for everyone's chance, including all humans, to live in peace and without torture


Get a grip on reality!

13.11.2005 23:33

So you don't agree that North Korea and Cuba are labeling themselves as "communist" countries?
Alternatively, your personal opinion is perhaps that they shouldn't be.
I don't know.
Who gives a fuck about your definition of communism anyway?
The leaders of the fascist regimes of North Korea and Cuba claim to be "communist".
That's all I'm concerned with here as well as the utterly stupid remark about how funny it is to see what happens when you remove the concept of profit from society.

There are indeed social evils in all capitalist societies and it is, by all means, to
some extent possible to improve conditions by deploying "socialist" measures.
I know this.
BUT it's only ignorant to deny the fact that a country like Cuba or North Korea, facing the reality surrounding them today, will sink deeper and deeper into a marxist-leninist going nowhere swamp by NOT adopting to that very same capitalist reality.

Forgetting about the concept of "profit" isn't all that easy as you imagine it to be. Furthermore, It would be a lot more difficult for a society like the british, or any other western society, to do so.
The best way to deal with these issues of production vs. distribution of wealth are examplified by countries like Norway, Finland, Iceland, Denmark and Sweden. In one word: the scandinavians. I've lived there, I know what I'm talking about. They've realized since a long time ago what is the best blend between capitalist incentive and welfare distribution.
Being at least somewhat clever, we british have been aware of this solid fact during the last, let's say 15 years or so.
Get on that Ryan Air flight to Stockholm or elsewhere in Scandinavia and check out how these people live, think and reason.
You'll be amazed what nice combinations of business concern and social concern
exists in the world today.

Both eyes open wide!

Aye, right

15.11.2005 07:19

"that all the nation's top scientists could claim was that experiments on animals had led to several Nobel prizes. Not scientific breakthroughs, you note, but prizes. Despite the huge suffering caused to other sentient creatures, there has been NO evidence that these have helped humanity in the slightest."

So lets be clear here. You're claiming that (1) a nobel prize isn't a recognition of important scientific or medical progress in these fields and (2) that NO animal testing has ever helped us. It that right?


Get some retinas?

15.11.2005 21:39

Both Eyes Open Wide!

Does anyone know why North Korea has a recovery rate of 80% of human victims of bird flu while the rest of the world only recovers bout 50% ? And why did US citizens go to Canada to buy some of the therapeutic drugs researched and made in Cuba that American Capitalism could not provide them with?

Where did the wealth that bought Chelsea Football Club come from? Was it the self sacrifice of dedicated Soviet Citizens that enabled its accumulation? How was it thieved? Capital presently flourishes feasting on Soviet wealth. It was touch ang go which would collapse first, and since the Soviet collapse Capitalism's only hope of long term survival is to evolve into Fascism.- before the boost from thieving the Soviet wealth runs out.

Capitalists, as well as Marxists know perfectly well that Capitalism does not work and is unsustainable.


How about winning the arguments?

15.11.2005 22:39

I have a lot of sympathy for the cause of those that want to end animal cruelty.

Unfortunately, there's a tiresome thing called democracy that stands in the way of many of these campaigns. Rightly or wrongly, most people in this country are happy to eat meat and live with the cruelty that it entails. They are also happy for animals to suffer in medical experiments.

The reaction of the animal rights movement has been to intimidate and in many cases beat their opponents into submission, rather than seek to build a broad movement of support that enables animal cruelty to be ended the same way everything else is ultimately dealt with - through the democratic process.

There is very little similarity between the campaigns of Twilight's three shining examples: Brian Haw, Fathers for Justice and animal rights. The one thing they do have in common is how spectacularly unsuccessful they have been.

Haw's protest serves not to remind the government of the opposition to war but to remind them how little real opposition there is.

Fathers for Justice's tactics have been spectacular at getting them publicity but not for creating the conditions where their causes will actually be taken seriously.

The extreme end of animal rights campaigning has done nothing to alleviate animal suffering, but plenty to alienate the huge numbers of people in this country who support their cause but will never sign up to their methods.

What all three of these campaigns demonstrate is that no matter how confrontational the action, in the absence of a mass movement of support, you're not going anywhere. And that mass movement is built through reason and persuasion, not feats of endurance, stunts, intimidation and violence.



15.11.2005 23:44

"Does anyone know why North Korea has a recovery rate of 80% of human victims of bird flu while the rest of the world only recovers bout 50% "

Yeah, because we can sooooo trust the North Koreans' statistics, eh? Good ol' Kim still starving his poeple to death is he?



27.11.2005 21:22

Indymedia has an AR section, so why not post in it?


violence as a tactic?

03.12.2005 23:06

I noticed Zorro's post condeming militant actions. Militant action is needed heavily in any form of movement. Goverments put two fingers upto people who arn't militant, they get assimilated into the system, they are now 'safe' and can sell out their basic ideas. However, if a movement is militant, it gets things done, it cannot be assimilated.

To campaign with boards and banners about a vivisection lab is part of the movement, and is needed, yes I don;t dispute that- but f**k me if it gets much done. More militant action is whats needed.

Its late tonight, so a short post, however i'll debate the issue in more depth if people want to.