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Doug. | 29.10.2005 12:21 | SOCPA

Because dear Mr Gates doesn't like Apple he makes it difficult to play video edited on Macs on Windows software.

If you don't want the bother of downloading the more user friendly Firefox browser, I have specially prepared a Windows compatible video of the London Critical Mass October ride to overcome his highly monopolistic obstacle.



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Its a bit rough.

29.10.2005 16:38

But I needed to get it out quickly and there were compatibility problems. Will produce a much bigger and better version when time permits.


"it's a bit rough" but at least it plays

30.10.2005 12:04

If you want the max number of people to be able to see your videos then don't use quicktime. Remember it's not installed on any windows computers (at least 90% of users) as they come, it's a hefty download, non technical users are understandably wary of downloading and installing software themsleves and it can't be uninstalled. Despite WMV being microsoft proprietry, it has the great advantage that all those windows users will be able to play it easily as media player will automatically download any missing codec and this will be a much smaller download than a complete player.

armchair viewer


30.10.2005 16:32

Thanks Doug for posting a Windows version, 'bit rough' doesn't detract for those of us that appreciate these things.



01.11.2005 00:02

Awesome. Forget all the techie bitching comments about load times and RAM speed and other such bollocks.

Instead give thanks for a great bit of video of an awesome event - powerful, peaceful, good humoured and inspiring and more than anything, lots and lots of very ordinary people (myself included - I'm a bank manager and it doesn't get much more ordinary than that) coming out to defend a few basic rights against the threat of heavy handed policing and totally inappropriate use of state power. Oh, and at the same time celebrating that wonderful, simple thing we call a bike.

Power to all your glutes.

john corrigan

Technical note..

01.11.2005 03:10

For max compatibility with default config Mac/PC/Linux systems good old MPEG-1 encoding is still the only decent crossplatform option I can see. Files are heavier than newer codecs 4 the same picture quality but everything plays them, and coz it's so old just about any vintage computer will play them smoothly in fullscreen mode :0) do a free MPEG-1 encoder for Windows, sure there's equivalents for other platforms.

For high quality encodes XviD still seems to be the leading (non-commercial) codec. It's not built in to either XP or OSX AFAIK but is easily available online, anyone who downloads movies/videos from the net regularly should have it.

&Oh yeah.. bigup everyone who was on the ride BTW! Wicked stuff ;0)