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The Critical Mass flame comes to Gothenburg

Ian Fiddies | 29.10.2005 10:03 | Ecology | Free Spaces | Social Struggles

We were 24 glad cyclists who turned up in Gustaf Adolfs Torg in central Gothenburg to celebrate cycling and celebrate we did. Nothing in comparison to London’s thousands but still it was our first ride.

After four years of dormancy Critical Mass rises from the flames in Gothenburg. Every one had a good time, except for one or two taxi drivers who seemed a little impatient. Even the local press turned up with a photographer, which is almost unheard of. I haven’t seen what they published yet though.

A nice touch was a Swiss tourist who just happened to be passing, joining in and getting a lift. She’d been at the Budapest cm last month and unwittingly carried the Critical Mass torch with her up to Sweden.

Not a police person to be seen which was a pity since there seemed to be an unusually large number motorists doing illegal things just that evening. It strikes me as strange that car drivers (ostriches), who seem quite happy chugging along slowly behind other ostriches, suddenly get so annoyed when they have to chug along behind a flock of doves (Critical Masses). I mean what’s the difference, why don’t they just stick their head’s back in the sand? Anyhow doves are not only prettier, they don’t shit as much as ostriches.

Ian Fiddies
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Pics from Gothenburg's Critical Mass

02.11.2005 23:12

congregating in Gustaf Adolfs Torg
congregating in Gustaf Adolfs Torg

toot your horn for a car free town!
toot your horn for a car free town!

Here are a few pics from the ride. I hope it grows even bigger in the months to come.

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