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Doug. | 29.10.2005 08:48 | SOCPA | London

The video starts beside the IMAX cinema and ends outside Downing Street.

What a fun ride! Loads and loads of riders. Very few police. We made a lot of noise outside Parliament and Downing Street, which we are not supposed to, but it all seemed to be very good natured.



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Problems with Internet Explorer.

29.10.2005 11:11

This seems not to work with some versions of clunky old Explorer on Windows. Try downloading the much better free Firefox browser instead from


Does it have pictures?

29.10.2005 11:11

Can someone report back if they can open this movie? Thanks.

The Cyclist with the broken bike

definite format problem

29.10.2005 11:52

tried on mac os9, mac osx, and windows xp - best we can get is sound no picture. try repost please doug.


no picture

29.10.2005 11:58

Can hear but can't see anything


Have prepared a Windows version.

29.10.2005 12:26

It works on my OSTiger in both Explorer and Firefox and it works in Firefox on my Windows XP. However, I have prepared a WMV version which should appear on Indy shortly. Sorry about these problems but you would be much better off getting a browser other than Explorer.


Qt update needed

29.10.2005 12:48

You probably have QT 6.5 - it needs the latest verison of Apple's quicktime ( 7.0 ) bloatware

available from here -

I should really wait for an updated altquicktime player.

First time at London CM - I shall definitely go to the next one. Brilliant night.

happy cyclist

I have QT 7.03 Pro already.

29.10.2005 13:03

The problem is definitely with Explorer. It can't or won't handle the latest codecs.


Windows friendly version.

31.10.2005 05:10

The Windows friendly version is at: