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Brum Food not Bombs serving this Saturday in the City Centre

shell peas not kids | 28.10.2005 12:02 | Free Spaces | Health | Birmingham

There will be a Saturday Food not Bombs serving in Birmingham City Centre this weekend. FnB will be meeting at 5pm on New Street, outside Tesco and Starbucks if the weather's good and outside HSBC if it's raining.

We would also like to encourage people to bring along some vegan food for everyone to share too. If you need some culinary inspiration check out these great vegan recipies and FnB's food logistics

Birmingham Food Not Bombs believes that food should be a right not a privilege and regularly serves free food in the city centre to anyone who wants it, homeless or otherwise.

Food Not Bombs is an international movement and also campaigns on issues such as poverty, homelessness, war & military spending, the environment, and globalisation.

shell peas not kids