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Poland: police raid on De Centrum squat

!@#$%^&* | 25.10.2005 19:17 | Anti-racism | Free Spaces | Social Struggles

The DeCentrum squat in Białystok has been attacked by police.
Please watch Polish Indymedia and DeCentrum websites for
more info and please start telephone/fax/email pressure on
local authorities.

view of DeCentrum squat
view of DeCentrum squat

5-10-2005 15:37 Today, during the afternoon, police accompanied by town officials
and the owner came to the DeCentrum Squat [in Białystok, near the border with
Belarus] with a warrant to clear the building of squatters. The evacuation of
materials and analysis of the situation is happening. We will certainly not give
up our building without a fight. If you can come to Częstochowa Street this
afternoon, please do come. We also request solidarity actions and wide
distribution of this information. Soon we will provide more info...

Please put pressure on the authorities of the city of Białystok:

Urząd Miejski w Białymstoku
ul. Słonimska 1
15 - 950 Białystok

telephone (+48 85) 878-60-00
fax: (+48 85) 741-43-24
tel./fax +48 85 74-11-336

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