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Polannd- Decentrum squat attacked by cops!

anarchix | 25.10.2005 18:29


IToday early morning city guards (kind of soft cops) in Polish city of bialystok together with City offcials and new wner of the building attacked by surprise our anarchist squat that recently celebrated its 5th birthday. Doors were cut with acetylene burner and cops stormed inside. At the moment there was only one person inside, rest was in work. City guards beated up squatter and threatened him with throwing him down the stairs.
There was no earlier notice of eviction and whole process was done in illegal way, but of course what can we expect from authorities- one law for them another law for us. People were allowed to evacuate most expsnsive stuff fro mthe squat. As a resylt of this action 5 people are homeless now, just before the winter. Local anarchist community is on full mobilisation now, intending to take building back or at least make it as difficult as posible for the new owner. There is urgent need of solidarity actions!!!!
Below you have directions to local authorities of Bialystok- please qrite to them asking demanding to stop eviction and explaining their behaviour (not that we think it will change so much, but its always big annoyance to them). There is also legal help on the way that will try to deal with illegal eviction, failure to notice occupiers about this etc. More news soon! Any kind of pressure on Polish authority and business is welcomed!
Tomorrow in Bialystok there is going to be solidarity demo "DeCentrum stays!" in front of city Council HQ. (president of the city) (city council)

(city council details)
Urząd Miejski w Białymstoku
15 - 950 Białystok
ul. Słonimska 1
tel. centrala (+48 85) 878-60-00
fax: (+48 85) 741-43-24
tel./fax +48 85 74-11-336

Please act quickly! Its important that demonstration outiside city council will be supported by similar actions elsewhere and also by lots of calls and faxes- there is a serious risk that demo will be attacked by cops as well as it will be completely illegal



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