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Cambridge Critical Mass

a! | 23.10.2005 15:42 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Cambridge

Some Cambridge Critical Mass dudes are off to London!

London Critical Mass has been going on for 11 years now, but on Friday 30th September, those who joined their monthly Critical Mass ride, found themselves being issued with letters from the Metropolitan Police, threatening arrests at future Critical Mass rides.

So there's a big call-out to make the next ride a big one! Not only because of the letter from the police, but it's the traditional Halloween ride!

So a few of us Cambridge Critical Mass people who've been quite unsucessfully trying to start up a mass on the last Friday of every month (6pm beneath Elizabeth Way Bridge), are going to go down to London for solidarity and research purposes.

If you care to join us, 16:45 train to London, we'll be the people with the bikes!

"London CM meets at 6pm on the last Friday of each and every month. The first 45 minutes or so is usually spent socialising and the ride has usually left the meet up point by 7pm. On average the ride lasts about 2 hours but the time is flexible depending on who is there and what the weather is like."

- Homepage:


We're not blocking traffic, we ARE traffic!

29.10.2005 13:30

Er... Ignoring woman in black for a moment...

The trip to London for three of us 'Cambridge Critical Mass dudes' was inspiring, it turned out to be a great mass to check out. Estimates of two thousand people... Many sound systems... Mobile Samba band... Halloween costumes... Oh, and a lot of bikes, trikes, roller-blades, skateboards...

Some reports from Indymedia UK:

So, plans are already underway for a Cambridge based bike sound system, more leaflets, more shouting and generally more mass.

More info here:

And if you've got the skills or time to help out with a sound system, then drop us a line!