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Report: 'Democracy at Risk' silent vigil by Women in Black

eileen | 22.10.2005 17:21 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Oxford

Oxford Women in Black held a silent vigil in Bonn Square on Saturday 22 October, with the theme of 'Democracy at Risk!!'. Their flyer listed nine of the main features of a police state, with the warning that the UK already possessed many of them and seemed to be on the verge of adding the rest.
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well done WIB

24.10.2005 14:46

These issues are important, although I didn't agree with all the statements.

The one I agree with strongly is 'Freedom of Speach', which is already at serious risk. We all know that BBC only reports what it is allowed to but freedom of speach has also been lost at oxford indymedia, who have lost 'or hidden in a place where it cannot be found' a seemingly innocuous article titled 'Have I found the answer?' and posted 21 Sept. People have been trying to find it and to find out why it was removed over the past few weeks. IMC have (at last) told us where to find the hidden postings but some of us have looked without sucess. One person even went through many pages, listing the numbers and asking IMC why it is not where they insist it is.

The weekend seemed to be housekeeping time and any comments referring to the missing article have been tidied away.

So now everything looks spick and span. Who would guess that IMC had done anything wrong? Keep clearing up the spills and denying everything and all will be well. You have learnt well from 'our' politians (or was it emenem?). You will go far on this lava flow of power which is corrupting you.


Where Exactly?

01.11.2005 09:20


Please tell us where exactly the original story is?



gone again!

03.11.2005 13:56

This morning there was a comment by 'lady in red' telling us where the terrible article could be found. I didn't have time to look as I am at work. I was grateful that it had been found now it's gone. WHY?


Although I read it when was it originally posted I would have been interested to see it again to see why it offended someone.

WHY do you have to be such a control freak IMC?



and here it is again..

05.11.2005 13:50

go to the 'home' page
click on 'newswire archive'
then click on page 2024..
and viola! your missing post. (to the archive page)
and to the article itself.

lady in red