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Situation of anarchist prisoners in Barcelona- Urgent request for solidarity

CLPA | 22.10.2005 01:11 | Repression | Social Struggles

Aggresion to Rafa, isolation of Igor and transfer of Francesco due to solidarity protests

The Valdemoro prison director has decided that Rafa, an anarchist prisoner, and Javi, communist prisoner, should stop sharing their cell and should rather be put with other common prisoners. Unhappy with this decision they decided to protest and received a beating together with a period of isolation.They also have to wait for the result of two punishment reports that the guards have done, as a result of these protests, which imply 32 days of isolation. In response to this aggression Carol and other 3 political prisoners in Brieva have reported that on the 13th October they refused to leave their cells in solidarity. Also Igor and Francesco this same day expressed their solidarity in the prison of Soto del Real. They refused to leave their cells expressing their determination not to leave Rafa alone in the face of this beating. The guards, having locked up the rest of the prisoners in the lunch-hall, dragged off the two anarchists to isolation units. The next day they went back to their cells, but apart from having cut off Francesco's communication, the situation seems to calm down. The next day Francesco is ghosted to another prison, which we later find to be Real Alcala Meco. Rafa and Igor are two of the six anarchist prisoners from the city of Barcelona. They were accused of diverse actions of sabotage and other activities in solidarity with those suffering repression, like the case of those participating in the campaign for comrades detained in Salonica (Greece).It has been decided by the state that the comrades must be held in preventive arrest until the day of their trial, given that the accusations and the legal case against them is so strong.
Right now their legal situation is as follows:
4 comrades (Rafa, Igor, Carol and Joaquin)
Teo was released before trial a few days after his detention
Roger was released on bail after spending more or less a year in prison.
Inigo is still on the run with an international arrest warrant registered against him

Francesco Gioia is an Italian comrade that having been in home arrest in his country decided to escape the repressive climate existing in Italy. After a time on the run, a joint police force of Italian and Spanish officers detained him in Barcelona, placing him in the prison of Soto del Real in Madrid waiting for an extradition order to Italy where he has a trial awaiting for him.It is important to point out that if the extradition is refused, the Spanish state should free him immediately since he has no legal case to answer in the Spanish state.
Our comrades are not resigned to their situation as prisoners and as a fact, their being in prison only makes more meaningful and does not extinguish their antiprison struggle nor their sentiment of solidarity. And not only theirs but also our solidarity depends on their determination to carry on denouncing and attacking day by day the realities of the prison.

If you want to call asking for the director or the “services chief” about the situation of Rafa or Javi call Valdemoro 0034 9189480000 or fax 0034 916924060

if you want to write:
Francesco Gioia
C.P. Madrid II
Ctra. De Meco km.5
28800 Alcala de Henares Madrid

Carolina Forne Roig
Ctra.Vicolozano-Brieva s/n 05194 Avila

Rafael Tomas y Gaspar
C.P. Madrid III
Ctra. Pinto a San Martin de la Vega, km.5
28340 Valdemoro (Madrid)

Igor Quevedo Aragai
C.P. Madrid V
Apdo. 200
28791 Soto del Real (Madrid)

Joaquin Garces Villacampa
C.P. Navalcarnero
Ctra. National V km.27,7
28600 Navalcarnero (Madrid)

support account: BBVA 0182-7028-2102-0153-0482
IBAN (international bank account order): ES58-0182-7028-2102-0153-0482BIC
bank international code: BBVAESMMXXX

for more information: