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Political Prisoner Harold Thompson Attacked in Prison by nazis

. | 22.10.2005 00:45 | Anti-racism | Repression | Workers' Movements | World


*please forward*

Just this past week, Harold Thompson, an anarchist political prisoner in Tiptonville, TN, was attacked by five or six Arayan Brotherhood nazis while doing work in the
law library in Tennesee's Northwest Correctional
Complex. He suspects one of the prison staff, a racist
sympathizer, might be in on it as well. He seems to be
doing all right, nothing is broken, but every time he
clears his throat or blows his nose he is spitting up

He's asked for the word to be spread on the internet,
and has asked folks to call the Warden of Tennesse,
Tony Parker, "to find out what is up with this prison
when an older man is mobbed by AB punks while working
in a protective custory segregation unit?" The number
for the prison is (731) 253-5000.

Harold welcomes correspondence and can be written at

Harold H. Thompson #93992
Northwest Correctional Complex
960 State Route 212
Tiptonville, Tennessee 38079, U.S.A

This all just happened after the completion of Harold's latest publication.

"They Will Never Get Us All!"
A new collection of writings and poerty by anarchist
prisoner Harold H. Tmompson

Harold H. Thompson is an anarchist prisoner serving
life plus sentences in Tennessee, USA after a serious
of farcical trials. Following an earlier collection
released in 1996, this edition of They Will Never Get
Us All! is an updated collection of writings and
poetry produced by Harold over the past decade. In it
he addresses the oppression of capitalism, the State,
the prison industrial complex, and of course,
anarchism and the struggle for a better tomorrow.

"I am an anti-authoritarian, anti-racist, anti-sexist,
anarchist revolutionary of proud Irish heritage. I am
also a vegetarian and strongly support the animal
liberation movement. I stand for civil/human rights
and will not break, bend nor be intimidated. I stand
in solidarity with all people struggling against
oppression but most particularly with my brothers
and sisters in the anarchist movement."

For more information on Harold, plese see

If people are interested in a copy of They Will Never
Get Us All!, send $3-7 US (sliding scale) well
concealed cash to

Andrew Hedden
711 E. Holly St. PMB #748
Bellingham, WA 98225

All proceeds from this booklet go to Harold to cover
his legal and general living costs.

Copies are available for reviewers. If you are a
publication that could publish a selection from the
zine for publicity purposes, please get in touch!
Please e-mail for more



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