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Open Letter to HM The Queen

Ruth Less | 20.10.2005 23:39 | Repression | London

Illness, poverty, discrimination, no medical care, no legal help, degradation - human right's violations articles 3, 6, 8, 14 etc - all violated - WHERE? Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea - + a protest against secret courts

Kensington and Chelsea - for attention of HM The Queen:

My story is true. I live in The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea,
probably a wealthier place than Switzerland.

I am appealing a judgement made by Justice Munby in High Court. I have no lawyer.

I am divorced due to domestic violence.

After 9 years of fighting in courts my son was ordered to stay with me.

2 years later he was taken away by social workers.

My son is in pain, he cannot speak, read or write.

His father is on crack cocaine
and other dope. A child has died in his care (aged 4 of 'cot death' and or
congenital heart disease- I belive he was suffocated as my ex tried to suffocate me
and used to throw our own baby about like he was ragdoll) -
this person beat me when I was pregnant-
dragging me around by my hair and battering me with brooms and punching
me where he was trained to (boxing in the army)- so the bruised didn't always show

The baby used to hunch up inside me. I am too scared to go out at all
now. I have developed a disease that has made my body swell up and
I suffer epileptic-type seizures - I have no doctor

Because I have been a campaigner on behalf of autism, vaccine safety and
family law reform (now supporting fathers groups) I have been made
an outcast.

I have had no doctor since June- as I was thrown off
my previous doctors panel for no reason other than asking for an
specialist opinion after some scary blood test results.

I scraped the money together
to go private and saw a specialist and GP who confirmed I have
a serious disease.

My body has balooned from an 8 -18 in 2 years
- and I eat very little.

The GP that came today barged into my flat, terrifying me-
telling me I did not have any disease, demanding to know what I ate
and telling me my swollen ankles, hands and face are all fat - he
saw bicuits and demanded to know if they were mine.

He barged into my kitchen and demanded there were fattening foods
in there. There were none. He said I was probably Diabetic because
I am fat-and wouldn't look at a wound on my leg.

My ex-husband, a serial abuser and long-term history of
violence and drug abuse has custody of my son who cannot speak, read,
write or point or draw.

4 years ago he had some speech. Now he has none.

I cannot find a solicitor to take our case as I have been informed
by two private solicitors, no longer in the UK that 'there are no
decent family lawyers left, it's all corrupt- you are blacklisted,
Kensington and Chelsea have unlimited funds' - so I am battling
unable to walk properly and terrified, branded a child abuser as
my son was taken away from me- why? I'm disabled. I asked social
services for help on a crisis and lost my son forever.

The Disabilty organisations dont want to know.

Nobody does. Only fathers' groups.

I have been to everyone, everywhere. My friends are helpless
parents or carers or campaigners - some in similar situations
and can offer emotional support. Thank heavens for them.

My son and I are ill, but we have love. I am a good mother. In the
4 hours a fortnight I am allowed to see him, ill, neglected and

I am told my ex, who is wealthy and this is mainly due to
him being protected by masons as he is one- has never paid
a penny in CSA (for the 8 and half years my son lived
with me) and always worked, signed on, beat people and drink-drives,
as well as being a drug dealer. The police dont and wont do anything,
the courts do nothing and social services support him - so now
it appears does Malcolm Rifkind and Cherie Blair whom have all
the facts.

This story is truth and Tony Blair ten years ago wrote
about Freedom of Speech. Yet he keeps the family courts shrouded in secrecy.

This is an open letter to the Queen.

This is Great Britain? My father fought for this country- for freedom, where is ours?

Please support Fathers groups- they have supported me and other
mothers too.

Thank you.

Abandoned, Disabled and left to die in The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Ruth Less
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