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Stirling Uni Students condem Isreali occupation

Stirling Palestine Solidarity Campaign | 19.10.2005 15:50 | Anti-militarism | Education | Social Struggles

Students at Stirling Uni yesterday voted on a motion to twin with Birzeit University in Palestine and to condemn the illegal occupation, wall and settlers.

The motion being voted on can be found here:

It had previously passed senete with a massive majority and went to a student ballot. At the count today it was revealed that the motion passed with 347 to 88 votes.

The most controversial part of the motion read "SUSA publicly condemns the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine, the illegal wall and illegal settlements within Palestinian territory." Those proposing it said that it was impossible to support the students of Birzeit without this condemnation.

SUSA will now lobby Stirling University to formally twin with Birzeit University.

Gordon Clubb, proposer of the motion and secretary of the Stirling Palestine Solidarity Campaign said "Our visit to Palestine made us realise that the lies told by our media about the conflict must end, the troops must leave, the settlers must go, and that wall must come down. Our victory has led to Stirling University Students Association condeming all of these illegal obstacles that hinder Palestinians' right to education. From your friends at Stirling University we send a warm message of solidarity to every Palestinian student in their struggle for a right to education against the gross injustice of the Israeli occupation."

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