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Venezuela Solidarity March

James Murphy | 18.10.2005 17:23 | Anti-militarism | Free Spaces | Repression | London | South Coast

To support President Hugo Chavez against US Imperialist death squads and to allow freedom from foregin intervention to run his country.

Anti-Imperialists, Socialists and Human Rights activists everywhere please join in support for Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez.
Bush is sending Imperialist death squads to Venezuela to murder an innocent man. His crime? not bowing to the US and standing up for the ordinary working-class people of his nation. Fascist clergyman are calling for his head and the US's state in South America (Colombia) is accusing him of sheltering Leftist guerillas while they are turning a blind eye to right-wing terrorists at home.
We need to show our support for President Chavez and condemn the actions of the US and Colombia.
To take part in the support of President Chavez at the Venezuelan embassy in London on 5 November.

Venezuelan Embassy Adress:
1 Cromwell Road, London SW7 2HR

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