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The Burning of the Reichstag Revisited (PNAC) FALSE FLAG!!!

Jordan Thornton | 10.10.2005 15:43

The mianstream media bound and gagged by D-notices yet again fails to reports the TRUTH.

Claymation inventor and outspoken opponent of something or the other Nick Park narrowly escaped an assasination attempt in the early hours of some day at some place in Ingerlandland by the sisnister covert forces of Israel.

Mossad agents (a.k.a Weston-berg Private Zionist Security Deathsquads Ltd) were known to be employed by Park himself on the very day they tried to kill him in his sleep by setting fire to his warehouse that isn't even in Wales.

Some drunk guy that was walking by the charred ruins the next day said something incoherent like "It was the JEWS!!! They are taking over the world". Wen asked what he knew he aid something that could have been "They had Uzis and C4. But they were dressed like Omar Sharif in some bloody film I saw once!"

rumour is abound (in my head) that Aardman (Jewsih name) Animation knew something about Mossad activities in London. Where he once went, supposedly on a school trip. He might have even been the moneylaundering conduit for the pseudo-alqaeda cell. No, actually, it sounds better if we say "He DEFINITELY was..."

Strange how his newest film, a thinly disguised polemic against Islam that suggests a Western crusade against the oil nations is the the Will of God, has just sold more tickets in the US than every other film every made put together (according to research commissioned by Jeb Bush's next door neighbour's cousin's dad's friend).

Funny how his warehouse caught fire the same night that the Ingerlandish police publically summarily executed a load of political dissidents in Wolverhampton in secret.

What does Park know that they wanted to silence him so much they burned all his plastecine dozens of miles away from his ACTUAL home and then hoisted a false flag blaming no-one whatsoever (a new tactic to wrong foot people like me that have spotted their old new tactic again).

I suggest everyone converge on Wolverhampton and demand that the British FBI let us in to look at all their files and hang a few bastards.

And if you don't believe me you are either stupid or paid to disagree. I am simply more clever than anyone else, so there is no other reason to disagree.

Sources close to Park revealed today that he is hiding in a top secret location in Abergavenny, near the chippy. "He's living with my brother above the chippy in Abergavenny"

Jordan Thornton