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Lets Nuke Iran!

war hawks | 08.10.2005 23:43 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | World

On thursday, posturing Prime Minister Tony Blair made a public show of warning Iran not to interfere in Iraq despite admitting that he couldn't be sure they actually had been.

The prime minister told reporters, "What is clear is that there have been new explosive devices used not just against British troops but elsewhere in Iraq. The particular nature of those devices led us either to Iranian elements or to Hezbollah". Learning from being exposed over the WMD lies revealed by the infamous Downing Street Memo, he made sure to add the disclaimer, "However, we can't be sure of this at the present time."

In what must be one of the most ironic statements of all time, Blair said, "There is no justification for Iran or any other country interfering in Iraq"

These comments followed Wednesdays accusations by a senior British official on Wednesday that Iran had been suppling weapons to Iraqi resistance fighters, or 'terrorists' if we adopt the governments prefered language.

Iran's foreign ministry has rejected the claims. "This is a lie!", said the ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi on state television. "The British are the cause of instability and crisis in Iraq", he continued.

Hezbollah also rejected Blairs claimes, "The British accusations that the party is the source of the explosives that have targeted the British occupation are lies," the group said in a statement issued in Beirut.

The statement continued, "Hezbollah considers that the only aim of the British accusations is to cover up the impotence of the British occupation in the face of the increased resistance inside Iraq"

"To implicate Hezbollah in actions which have nothing to do with its field of responsibility, which is the resistance to Israeli occupation in Lebanon, is the same old song which everyone is familiar with," it said.

Last week, Donald Rumsfeld, (whos lies in the run up to the invasion of Iraq are notorious), blamed Iran for attacks against in British troops in Basra. Iran certainly had nothing to do with the incident that broke out when 10 British tanks smashed through the walls of a Basra jail to rescue two SAS operatives. The two had been caught after shooting at Iraqi police when stopped at a check point while they were disguised in arab dress and driving a civilian car containing weapons and explosives. No wonder that the British government is keen to divert attention away from questions about what these 'undercover' soldiers were really up to.

All this finger pointing is very similar to the run up to the invasion of Iraq and indeed many commentators are saying that the comments this week, along with the ongoing 'negotiations' over Irans nuclear energy program, are all part of laying the ground work to build public consent for another US led invasion.

"The PM was forced to insist five times yesterday he was just telling us 'exactly what I know.' When he pleaded, 'Look, I am just being open with you' I suspect I wasn't the only person in Britain to question if he is.", Kevin Maguire, a journalist who writes for the Mirror said on Friday.

"Well it looked, smelled and tasted to me like another of the Government's gruesome spin operations," he continued. "It feels uncomfortably like Groundhog Day. Tony Blair presents evidence of a military threat posed by a 'rogue' Middle East state", he said, implying that Blair was preparing to drag the country into another US- led war.

He went on to comment that it was "depressingly familiar" that over in Washington, "White House warriors make war-like noises and revs up the tanks. Blair knows the public won't buy another pup and is scrutinising every 'fact' and assertion after the big lie over Iraq." He warned, "We don't want to wake up to another nightmare!"

Blairs attempt to link the claims about supplying weapons to the Iraqi resistance with Iran's nuclear ambitions add to suspicions about the real motives.

Britain failed to gain a consensus at the IAEA last month to refer the case to the UN Security Council.
Iran has been complying with all international laws in regards to international inspections of its nuclear energy program so the Bush regime are claiming it's all a front for making nuclear weapons. Iran has vast petroleum and natural gas reserves and with peak oil fast approaching it's an essential prize for the US. Not only that, like Iraq and Venezuela, Iran is switching to trading oil in euros which the US simply can not allow if it is to maintain the economic dominance of the US dollar.

Last month, Ex-UN weapons inspector, Scott Ritter said, "It's inevitable, we're going to be going to war with Iran.".

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