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Evidence needed to defend cilvil rights and promote world peace.

peace nik | 06.10.2005 14:06 | Anti-militarism | Repression | South Coast

Evidence needed to defend the rights of ordinary people to protest against powerful arms dealers responsible for the death of civilian s world wide

from a group in brighton, UK

As you may know the trial of the injunction taken out
against anti arms trade activists in Brighton, England
will start in late November. For more information
concerning the injunction please or contact 07875 708873

The trial concerns an injunction taken out under the
Protection from Harassment Act 1997 by a Brighton
based arms company EDO MBM against protestors. Two
protestors have been arrested under the act and face
possible jail sentences. One of the
defences under the injunction is that of acting 'to
prevent or detect crime'. The defence is arguing that
under the International Criminal Court Act EDO MBM ,by
manufacturing the bomb guidance systems for the
PAVEWAY system manufactured by Raytheon and the
Hellfire missile in use with the IDF, are ancillary to
war crimes, specifically relating to the Occupation of
Palestine and the Invasion of Iraq.
The admissibility of this defence! will be judged on
November 2nd – 4th in a three day hearing at the High
Court in London. In this trial within a trial, the
defence will demonstrate that not only was the war
illegal but that specific war crimes were committed.
They will also show that EDO MBMs products played a
vital role in that war. The legality of the Occupation
of Palestine and EDO MBMs role will also be

The case has already in its initial stages attracted a
large amount of media attention and we hope in can be
used to focus attention on both war crimes in Iraq and
Palestine and the clampdown on civil liberties in the

As this is a civil trial almost anything can go in as
evidence (for example the evidence against the
protestors included hundreds of pages of downloads
from animal rights websites). Iraq Body Count’s public
report has also been submitted as evidence. What would
be useful to us is signed statements of eyewitness
re! ports, copies of media reports dealing with
airstrikes and statements from you as to how you
conducted your research. Any evidence you have of
types of munitions used in airstrikes would also be

Unfortunately we are working to a very tight schedule
and need this by October 12th.

Thank you for your time.

peace nik
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