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Embrace nuclear weapons: The Un-Australian?

Propaganda Monster | 04.10.2005 01:56 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Repression | World

Bashir describes one of the 2002 Bali bombs as "a Jewish bomb". "That bomb was a CIA Jewish bomb. You are stupid to punish Amrozi if he really knows how to make such a bomb," he says. "You should hire him to be a military consultant, because there is no military or police person (in Indonesia) who can make such a bomb. If Amrozi really did make that bomb, he deserves the Nobel Prize. So, the death penalty is not fair."

CIA Jewish bomb
CIA Jewish bomb

AUSTRALIA: The Un-Australian newspaper and its political leader john hoWARd have outlined terrorist justification for terror attacks in Bali, London and New York and urged neo-liberals and the other 80 per cent of Australians to embrace the 'fear' of nuclear weapons in an article today headed "Embrace nuclear weapons: Bashir.

But is it necessary to terrorise the general public with propaganda to pass new draconian anti-liberty legislation here in Australia?

You bet!

In a chilling article this morning in the Un-Australian from the Canberra political cell where hoWARd remains after his conspiracy theory in relation to the 2002 Bali bombings, the radical neo-liberal dictator's propaganda platform also warned of a clash of civilisations that would not end until Islam accepts to be governed by neocons.

That's a joke son! But it's more like the truth!

When CIA agents Sydney Jones, or Rohan Gunaratna are the only credible source in relation to a notion that there is an organisation called JI in Indonesia then you have worry? Especially when its own leader pronounces after he was elected that "We have no evidence that JI exists...".

Thank you Shiva.

Yudhoyono was interviewed 4 weeks ago and it was aired in Australia in a Sunday morning program. When asked what he's going to do about JI he had to consult with his advisor in Indonesian. The microphones recorded this:

Bambang: "What should I say about JI?"
Advisor: "better not admit that JI exist' s"...
Bambang in English: "We have no evidence that JI exists..."
Posted by: Terminator at December 2, 2004 04:50 PM

Of course that's all been painted over now with hundreds of later media giants articles about Bangbang saying exactly the opposite but that does not mean it is true. How could you live your whole life in a country and not be aware who lives there especially an organisation? An organisation who was allegedly bombing people? That's got to be another joke son!

If an organization called JI were bombing innocent people then why wasn't it banned many years ago, good question? Why wasn't it known to its elected leader? Another good question?

Foreigner alexander drowner said, "because they are shadowy figures and hard to track down."

Especially if no one has ever heard of the 'demon' you had to make up in the first place to terrify the Australian community into giving up their basic civil and democratic rights and to ruthlessly and recklessly take us into an illegal and degrading war. Just a proposition but not any less probable considering there is some evidence for it like, Bangbang's original statement.

Lets go back..

Australian Prime Minister goes "all the way" in Washington
By Mike Head 20 June 2002

Howard arrived in the US capital just after Bush unveiled a fundamental shift in US foreign policy, jettisoning the Cold War doctrines of nuclear "deterrence and containment" and adopting a "first strike" policy of unilaterally attacking so-called terrorist and "rogue" states.

How do you accomplish that without scaring the population?

john hoWARd also said, some pretty incriminating statements back in February 2005, and explains the justification for war on Iraq and terror attacks.

Howard sends more troops to Iraq

"Mr Howard admitted that the $300 million decision to send an extra 450 troops to Iraq to protect Japanese engineers for as long as a year would be unpopular and could put Australian lives in danger."

February 22, 2005: AGE:

So it's okay to put Australian lives in danger and to convince some Australians about the political need to strike first at a sovereign nation.

Bali has nothing to do with iraq it's just Indonesian internal difficulties but enough for the Australian authorities to use that fear base to help bolster support and enforce draconian anti-terror laws here. Said to protect us from imagined home grown bombers and Indonesian bombers put up to it by someone when we go on holiday and allegedly about that countries internal affairs!

Like Tony Bliar, john hoWARd's government is also swimming against the tide of popular opinion on the issue. Since being elected in 1996, john hoWARd has managed the media giants to help him stay in power by paying them to tap into his people's deep-rooted racial prejudices, and a general sense of insecurity.


Mercy for murderers

Every family member of a 'victim' must feel this way. So when you think of the innocent victims in Bali then also think of the innocent victims in Iraq and Afghanistan the very reason for Bali.


Inside the Insiders

This is a copy of a letter sent to ABC online this morning in response to their 'current affairs' programme "Insiders". It reads, in part, as follows: "On your webpage you declare "Insiders" is a, "fast-moving treatment of national affairs". Because of the loaded reporting style, I would say Insiders is more like a gaggle of protection for the elite, and a thorough-going endorsement of the state's handling of national affairs."


When Terrorism Outlaws Democracy

Federal and state leaders sold out democracy when harsher laws were agreed at the Terror Summit. The stronger laws potentially threaten to target Muslims and dissidents with searches, raids, and secret detention. In a country without a Bill of Rights, the draconian Terror Laws set us up for police statehood.


"Bomb season" in Bali -- Breaking news

Well done Howard -- this should help your campaign to put us on a quasmi-war footing that 'justifies' draconian anti-'terrorism' legislation. So much for reducing such attacks by invading Afghanistan and Iraq.


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