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President Bush says "TROOPS will have to pay for their own BODY BAGS"

Larry S. Rolirad | 03.10.2005 19:46 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | World

Are soldiers are being sent into harm's way without the body armor they need to stay alive. Who is to blame? The answer: the republican party. For the past eleven years republcians have controlled congress and for the last four and a half years republicans have controlled all three branches of the government. Apparently, handing out multibillion dollar no-bid contracts to republican companies is more important to republicans than the lives of our soldiers.

President Bush says "TROOPS will have to pay for their own BODY BAGS"
by Larry S. Rolirad

The White House announced today that troops who are killed in action will have their final month's paycheck docked for the cost of the body bags they will be put in. The White House also stated that the costs for a dead soldiers casket, flag, and transportation costs to return the body back to the United States will be charged to the widow or parents of the fallen soldier.

These decisions by the White House are consistent with the Bush Regime's policy that soldiers should be forced to pay for any armor to protect them. President Bush said "How can we continue to issue no bid multibillion dollar contracts to my corporate friends if we have to worry about costs to protect soldiers and for the costs to return their dead bodies."

President Bush also announced that all soldiers who are sent to combat areas will have to buy their own M-16s, ammunition, helmets, fatigues, boots, underware and socks. They will also have to pay for the airfare from the United States to Iraq. Bush said that once in Iraq troops will be allowed to travel in HumVees, but Bush emphasized that no HumVee would be fortified with armor to protect the soldiers. Bush went on to say that if troops wanted armor for the HumVees they would have to purchase and install it themselves.

In a related story, President Bush said he would be increasing the number of our soldiers in Iraq because "We need them to defend the financial interests of Halliburton and other republican companies who gave me a lot of money during my last two political campaigns". Bush said "I owe them for the office I hold so I will hand over the keys to our treasury to them so they can take as many of our tax dollars as they can carry".

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NOTE: This article is a satirical piece inspired by complaints from soldiers in Iraq and their parents who are having to pay thousands of dollars for body armor and are not getting reimbursed by our government. The United States is spending 455 billion dollars for defense each year, but they still aren't providing our soldiers with the basic armor needed to protect themselves. Since republicans have controlled congress for the past eleven years and they have controlled all three branches of the government for the past four and half years then the entire blame for the deaths of troops who are in harm's way without the armor they need is do to the republican party's negligence. Republicans are apparently so busy handing out multibillion dollar no-bid contracts to republican companies that they do not care about the safety or the lives of the soldiers they sent into harm's way.

Larry S. Rolirad
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