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October 1st - Neo-Nazi March in Leipzig, Germany Stopped!

english translation by Angelus Novus | 02.10.2005 17:49 | Anti-racism | Free Spaces | World

The Hamburg-based Neo-Nazi leader Christian Worch registered a demonstration for the 1st of October in the city of Leipzig, Germany. His troop of 150 supporters barely managed to make it to the starting point of their demonstration. Due to a successful blockade of the starting intersection by 800-1,000 Antifas (anti-fascists), the police sent the Nazis packing after four hours of waiting in the rain.

Once more, neo-Nazi leader Christian Worch failed in his attempt to march through the city of Leipzig in order to reach his goal of the left-wing neighborhood of Connewitz. Despite the cold and rainy weather, 800-1,000 Antifas blocked the intersection of Listplatz, the registered starting point for the Nazi demo, for hours. Due to the non-violent blockade, the pathetic mob of 150 Nazis had to walk back to the main train station around 5:00 p.m., without having marched a single meter of their registered demo route.

Previously, the Neo-Nazis, decentralized groups of so-called "Freie Kameradschaften," attempted to march through Leipzig on October 3rd, 2004 and on May 1st, 2005, both times attempting to reach the left-wing district Connewitz. Both times, the Nazis were stopped by a variety of Antifa resistance methods.

Leading up to October 1st, 2005, the interior minister of the state of Saxony, Thomas de Maiziere, and the police chief of Leipzig, Rolf Müller, had promised to crack down hard on any attempts by Antifas to prevent the Nazi march.

But on the day of the neo-Nazi march, the police held themselves back and did not make any attempt to break up the street blockade. Nonetheless, there were a few arrests.

Earlier in the day, around 400 people participated in a radical Leftist march hosted by the Leipzig group BgR (Alliance Against Reality), under the motto "Whoever Loves Germany Only Deserves our Hatred."

In the afternoon, various church groups, political parties, city officials, and trade unions called for a rally under the slogan "White Roses Against Brown Violence." Only about 300 to 500 people chose to participate in that rally, however, due to its largely symbolic character.

Instead, whoever choose to take part in effective direct action against the Nazi march took part in the street blockade at Listplatz.

blockade photos, and photos of the BgR demo at:

photos of the Nazis at:

Antifa coalition:

Street blockade group:

english translation by Angelus Novus


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