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Former UN Weapons Inspector SCOTT RITTER speaks in Bristol Tues 04 October 2005

Meena (International Affairs Society) | 02.10.2005 12:13 | Anti-militarism | Repression

'Iraq as intelligence success and policy failure - how the CIA manipulates and sabotages the UN to achieve US foreign policy objectives' by Scott RITTER, former UN Weapons Inspector in Iraq

Date: Tuesday 4 October 2005
Time: 7.15pm (doors 6.45pm) followed by open reception & book-signing
Venue: Room 3.31, Wills Memorial Building, Queens Road
Entry: FREE

Scott Ritter, former UN Weapons Inspector in Iraq talks about the deception and scandal surrounding the justification for the Iraq War.

Scott Ritter was one of UNSCOM's most senior weapons inspectors in Iraq between 1991 and 1998. Despite describing himself as a 'card-carrying republican' has been an outspoken critic of the Bush administration's foreign policy. He took on the entire political and media establishment of the US virtually single-handed in the run-up the 2003 Iraq war in persistently maintaining that Iraq did not pose a serious WMD threat.

The speaker will be addressing how the US and to a lesser extent, the UK has 'shaped' intelligence to fit policy. He will be discussing how this policy of regime change led the Intelligence services to make up a case for war. Ritter will also be giving a first hand account of how the CIA manipulates and sabotages the works of UN departments to achieve the US' hidden foreign policy agenda in the Middle East. After the 1991 Gulf War, Scott Ritter helped lead the UN inspections in Iraq and found himself at the centre of a dangerous game between the Iraqi and US regimes. Operating in a fog of espionage and counter-espionage, Ritter and his team were determined to find out the truth about Iraq's WMD. The CIA was equally determined to stop them.

He will also be signing copies of his new book 'Iraq Confidential: The Untold Story of America's Intelligence Conspiracy' at the reception

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