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repost of BOTH versions of video of shell centre demo on 30th september

rikki | 02.10.2005 11:52 | Rossport Solidarity | Ecology | London

an environmental protest comprising sand dump and banner drop with megaphone and samba band went without hitch at the shell centre on the south bank on 30th sept. it highlighted the shell development in rossport, county mayo in the north west of ireland. this video is in mp4 format and there are versions for both modem and broadband download

at just after midday on friday 30th sept, activists arrived outside the shell centre entrance on the south bank in a seven and a half ton lorry and dumped a large mound of sand and turf infront of baffled security guards. the activists topped off their creation with placards bearing the slogans "shell hell - keep out" and "shell - environmental terrorists" before driving off. banners were raised infront of the building, a small but noisy samba band appeared, a megaphone man and flier distributers informed passers-by of the reasons for the action.

full report and pics at

the 4 minute video is available in low quality and higher quality versions (1.4Mb and 10Mb respectively) for modem and broadband users

nb - indymedia mistakenly deleted a previous post where the two versions were posted seperately - i assume this was because they thought it was a doubled up contribution, as the titles and content were very similar