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No2ID event in Southampton

doopa | 29.09.2005 16:13 | Repression | South Coast

There will be a government roadshow promoting ID cards in Southampton tomorrow. Portsmouth No2ID are organising an intervention.

It will be at West Quay Shopping Centre between 11.15am and 12.00noon but
note that it will not be a minister, instead the presentation is being
given by Bernard Hurdon (sp?) CEO of the Passport Office.

We could perhaps ask him why the passport agency is being turned into the
identity agency and ask him how he feels about his office being used as a
trojan horse for the National ID scheme. - a press release on the
current roadshow, and introducing biometric passports. - Link to a summary report of the
results of the biometric ID trial which took place between April and
December 2004. The full report is 301 pages, so might not have time to
digest it all by tomorrow!
Quick examination reveals that the accuracy drops for disabled
participants, so might be worth asking him what they're doing to avoid
discriminating against disabled people?
Fingerprint verification was 81% - which means nearly 20% of the population
could be falsely identified. - Identity
Cards - the public's response to proposed customer propositions.,12449,1570018,00.html - Guardian article questioning the validity of Biometrics - The
Achilles' Heel of Fingerprints - Washington Post article about how the FBI
admitted that fingerprint evidence can be flawed. - Technical
articles on fingerprint scanning and other biometrics. - New Scientist
article asking "How far should fingerprints be trusted?" - BBC News article about
criminals to adapt to ID cards.

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