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Thought Crime

O'Brien | 28.09.2005 21:38 | Repression | South Coast

An octogenarian objector to the Iraq war is manhandled from the Brighton Labour Conference and subjected to the Terrorism Act to deny re-entry.

Walter Wolfgang (82) and a fellow party member who spoke up in protest of the pensioner's rough treatment were forecefully ejected from the NewLabour Brighton conference.

Wolfgang a long-standing party activist was removed from the building and a police officer used to the Terrorism Act to deny him re-entry.

The terrorist act perpetrated by the dangerous Wolfgang was shouting `That's rubbish, that's a lie' during Jack Straw's Iraq war during his address.

A public apology issed to Mr Wolfgang whiffs of hollow and cynical damage limitation when considering that Mr wolfgang, a refugee of Nazi Germany, will not be re-admitted to the conference.

Dissent is now clearly a serious crime in the UK.



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