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Terror profiling nets innocents

imc | 28.09.2005 12:00 | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism | Repression | Technology | Terror War | London

If you think that the police's profiling of terror suspects is something that only happens to other people - think again. Software developer, David Mery, in provided an exclusive radio interview about how he was arrested when he drew the attention of police on the London Underground three weeks after the bomb attacks of July 7th and a week after the failed bomb attacks of the 21st July.

Davids 'crime'? - wearing a rucksack along with an 'unseasonal' jacket and checking his phone messages while waiting for his train. Luckly for David the police refrained from following the shoot-to-kill policy that had resulted in the tragic death of Jean Charles De Menezes less than a week earlier. Instead, they closed Southwark tube station and cordoned off the whole area while the bomb squad checked his bag. Eventually, finding nothing but a laptop in his bag, the orginal officers appologised then arrested anyway. His home was searched and his computers confiscated. You could be next.

[ exclusive interview | Davids account 1,2 | profiling | bloggers unite ]

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Tube Photo

David is keeping a record of how the story develops on his website.



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