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Bournemouth Critical Mass

anon | 25.09.2005 16:47 | Ecology | Free Spaces | South Coast

Critical Mass in Bournemouth -

Wednesday the 28th of September.

Meeting at the Lansdowne roundabout [near the uni] at 9 am, if you miss us and want to find us call this no 07745789258.

Come and join us. But don't worry if you miss us - we aim to have this as a regular event. Hopefully every week.



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25.09.2005 19:14

I'm a college student who lives in Bournemouth. I cycle everywhere and the Lansdowne roundabout (Right in front of my college!) is really treacherous, cars seem to think you're invisible. I think his is a great idea. I'd love to do it, but I have a lesson at that time and my dad would kill me if I skipped it. But I hope that this turns into a regular event, I'd love to join in sometime.